How do you Know that the Site is Honest or a Fraud | Secrets of Making Money and Shopping

In this article, we offer you a detailed explanation to find out how to discover sites specialized in profit from the Internet and make money for free How do I know or how to know the site is truthful or a swindler and a liar, and the method of detecting fraudulent and deceptive sites and knowing the honest and guaranteed websites to make money and make sure of them in addition to reliable and safe shopping sites to buy from the Internet and to ensure the credibility of the site provided to the information and how to ensure the accreditation and reliability of each of them in easy ways very
Are you a pioneer of websites and you visit them frequently and want an easy way to know the honest and liar site and distinguish between them?
Whether you want to make sure of the profit sites from the Internet, educational and cultural sites, or websites for shopping and buying from the Internet, you will know the deceptive, real and guaranteed sites through simple points and information that you compare those sites through

How do you know the site is a swindler

If the website is related to granting money, the site must benefit financially or morally
In other words, if you want to trust the site that you want to work with and earn money from the Internet through it, you should study the benefit of the site from you if you want to work and make money from it
The world of the Internet depends on interest, no one can benefit you if not
And the benefit you can know through the appearance of video ads or regular ads on the site, and if they appear, the site benefits from you
But is it sufficient for the site to benefit in order to trust it?
Of course not, after you are sure that he is benefiting, we move to the last step to find out the site, which is by entering the Google search engine and writing the name of the site as it is without adding or decreasing the name of the site must be written literally as it is and you attach the name by adding the phrase "Proof of payment"
For example: You want to check the ِAdsense site
You are writing this sentence "Adsense Proof of payment"
In this case, if someone worked with the site and received profits from him, Google will show you these proofs
If it appears, the site is 100% honest
If no results appear, then the site is very likely to be a quorum except in one case, which is that the site is new and launched within days only, in this case you must wait for a few weeks and you repeat the process and the final result will appear to know the site if it is a quorum or honest
But if it is a site related to shopping and an online store to buy products from the Internet, then in this case you must scroll down and international brands such as Amazon, Google, LinkedIn or other brands will appear to you.
If the site is devoid of trademarks it may be a scammer
If it is free of trademarks and supports payment on receipt, the site is 100% honest even if it does not have trademarks
If the site shows you the shipping offices and companies involved in shipping the products that you buy from the Internet, then the site is sincere, as no one has the authority to put a trademark for a company if he does not take permission from it, in this case the company will charge him and be fined large financial fines
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