How to Get Earn Redeem codes | Get Google Play Store Gift Cards by treasure hunt App

In this post, we offer you an easy and reliable application for Android to profit from the Internet and earn money for free by clicking on the main screen of the program and watching videos and ads | Treasure Hunt app to make money for beginners without capital and win Paypal credit, Google Play cards shipped and ready, and Amazon cards 2021-2022
Are you curious to search Android apps to find a reliable and trustworthy app to earn money online and make money at home on mobile?
No, you should, with the Treasure Hunt app, you will be able to earn money without effort, without any effort, and without having prior experience in the field of mobile profit.
The development of the Internet has become beneficial in terms of remote work and making money through the Internet through modern technologies, most notably ads and advertising videos for companies, products and brands within applications or websites.
The Treasure Hunt application is one of the most prominent of these profitable applications for the year 2021, which works on devices and smartphones running the Android operating system

How to make money from Treasure Hunt

Profiting from Treasure Hunt is very easy, and it does not require you to spend some time or perhaps some minutes to make money
You simply have to download the application and install it on your mobile phone, and you will find the download link at the bottom of the post
After downloading the app, you have to do the only easy task to start earning money from it
The task is that you click on any empty part within the main screen of the application
And for each click, you will earn a certain number of points that you will convert into dollars and withdraw them through the payment methods provided by the application.
And every period of time, a video ad will appear for you that you watch, in order to continue collecting points to maximize your profits
You can also double your profits by inviting friends by copying your invitation code and sending it to friends and inviting everyone to download the application
And each person on your side collects 3000 points. You will get 1000 gift points to be added to your balance

What are the payment methods in Treasure Hunt app?

There are many ways to withdraw profits in the application, but the most important of these payment methods are:
Withdrawing profits by recharging the balance of Paypal
Win Google Play Cards for free ((ready-made codes and codes))
Win Amazon Cards | Amazon

Minimum payout in Treasure Hunt app

The minimum payment varies from one method to another and is distributed as follows:
PayPal: minimum starts at $ 2
Google Play Cards: $ 5
Amazon Cards: $ 1 and up to $ 10 withdrawal per payment request
You can also withdraw up to $ 100 per single withdrawal on the same day
The amount of $ 2 can be exchanged for a number of 90,000 points
Now we put this video for you in which we explain how to profit from this application, how to collect points, and how you withdraw profits from it, and we will put a link to download the application for you below the video
Here we finish the explanation, so do not forget to share the topic with your friends, so that everyone can benefit from it
To download the Treasure Hunt app from here
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