How to know Trusted Websites to Buy from the Internet | For Lovers of Online Shopping

In this article we offer you a detailed explanation for lovers of shopping sites and e-stores "How do you know reliable websites to buy from the Internet" How do you know their reliability and whether they are safe or swindlers and what are their official credits and are they guaranteed or not, in addition to how to buy from the cheapest Chinese, British and American electronic markets Online securely, guarantee and payment on receipt
Do you want to buy your products and your tangible needs from the Internet via online shopping sites? Be it clothes, electronic gadgets, kitchen tools, perfumes, watches, phones, computers, and everything.
We will teach you how to buy from the Internet safely and how to know what are reliable sites and how to detect deceptive ones, what are the signs of the credibility and guarantee of the site, and what are the indications that the site is fraudulent, fraudulent, and not credible!
First you have to know that the websites to buy from the Internet have become too many
Therefore, everyone should pay attention, take caution, and beware of dealing with new sites except after making sure that they are honest and have proof of their credibility through several information that we will explain to you below, you will be 100% safe after your reading this article

In order for the site to be safe and reliable, it must have the following things:

The site should be ranked low worldwide

The sites have a global arrangement and are arranged according to the countries most visited by it, and all information of any website in the world can be known through the Alexa tool that is added to the browser you are using
If the site is below the order of 100 thousand sites in the world, the site is 90% safe
This is because this arrangement means that there are a large number of visitors who visit the site daily, and this indicates that there are people who deal with the site and buy from it on an ongoing basis.
But we must not unfair to the new sites, as the site whose rank is above the 100,000 global site, this gives 70% that it is a site that has no credibility, provided that it is not a new site!
In other words, the new site will naturally have few visits, and in this case you must verify its credibility through the other evidence that we explain to you below.
To see how to add the Alexa tool to your browser, enter here

That the site supports the feature of payment upon receipt

One of the repercussions of the spread of many deceptive sites to buy from the Internet that focus on people making other sites honest to support payment on receipt
As the customer will buy the product and add his home address, the product will reach him, then he pays the price of the product he bought and gives the money to the employee who delivered the product
This is what proves and breaks the doubt with certainty that the site is 100% authentic and guaranteed

That the site has accreditations from famous brands

It is not possible for any site or any party to claim credit for trademarks without permission and permission from the concerned authority.
This will put them in front of international courts and the judiciary and they will lose a lot of reputation, money and prison too
Therefore, any store and website that specializes in buying from the Internet has to put the accreditations, pictures and brands that it deals with
These marks are at the bottom of the site in the bottom section of the website
If you find it, the site is reliable and honest, and you can trust it completely and not be afraid to deal with it
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