How to Make free Paypal Money (My Cat) New Earning App | Proof of Withdrawal 50$

In this post we offer you a new way to make money from the Internet for beginners and win easily through Android applications, which is the My Cat game to earn money from the phone and win 50 dollars with proof of withdrawal and payment via Paypal (the best guaranteed and honest way to profit from free mobile games Real money for the year 2020 without creation Apply and search for advertising revenue) Play and win 2021 - 2022
We will make it easier for you to get money and profit easily without the need for capital and without the need for experience, and there is also no need for a great effort.
It is enough for you to have a mobile with the Android operating system and some time not exceeding an hour or two per day and also download a wonderful game called My Cat

What is My Cat game

It is an application on Android devices that has been working for years, and it specializes in sharing profits and giving money to application users
It is a game for girls and women, but since it is good, easy and guaranteed to make money, hundreds of thousands around the world are using it, both men and women.
My Cat has proof of withdrawal and has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars and is still paying people for their use of this game and their continued playing with it

How to earn money on the phone with the My Cat program

The matter is very simple and does not require a long explanation, as those who developed the game deliberately made it easy to use, uncomplicated and not difficult, and this is what made it spread so widely, and we will teach you how to make money through it, but before that we would like to show you proof Withdrawing winnings from the game and then we move on to the explanation
A picture proving that you paid via Paypal and by displaying the notification from the Gmail account that an amount of $ 50 has been sent to the Paypal account from the sender (My Cat)
And now we turn to ways to profit from this application, which is considered one of the best applications for the year 2020, which was launched in 2019, and it is the candidate to be at the forefront of the best profitable applications in the year 2021, according to the statistics of the developers

Profit by playing

The game is as follows:
Apply cats in the existing squares and cubes, and you must move from one stage to another by winning the game stages
And each stage has a certain number of profit
Also, you can win $ 1 per stage according to your speed in passing it, so you must win quickly and as quickly as possible
Because the length of time you spend in each stage will reduce the profit rate

Profit with the SPIN Wheel

It is a traditional method on which a large proportion of profit applications from the Internet depend, and it is a wheel of fortune that you rotate and stop at a certain point
This is the point that determines what you won
You can spin the wheel 30 times every day
You can double the number by viewing Admob Ads inside the application

How to withdraw profits

The payment method that the application supports is payment via PayPal, and the specified amounts for payment ((minimum)) are 50 US dollars or 500 thousand points that are converted into dollars and real money, and we have put you at the top with pictures of proof of payment
It is worth noting that you cannot withdraw any amount you want after exceeding the minimum payment
There is a certain number of profits to be withdrawn and they are:
$ 50
$ 100
$ 200
$ 300
$ 400
$ 500
That is, when you achieve 50 dollars, you can withdraw only 50 dollars, and if you want to withdraw more, you must wait until 100 dollars are achieved to withdraw the full profits, due to the great pressure and great demand on the application by the game users
Also, after downloading the game, you will find a side bar where the names and profits of those who made the withdrawal are placed at the same moment in order for the application to prove to you that it is honest, and when you receive your profits, your name and the amount that you withdraw will be placed
And now we leave you with this video, in which we explain how to profit from the internet through the My Cat game, and we will put a link to download the application for you below the video
Here we finish explaining how to make money in the easiest way. Do not forget to share the topic with your friends, so that everyone can benefit from it
To download My Cat game
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