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In this post we offer you the easiest way to profit from the Internet for beginners without capital through WhatsApp groups and win hundreds of dollars through the strategy of making money and reaping profits by participating in huge groups, girls and youth groups, benefit groups, scientific groups and others to make money from WhatsApp 2022
Are you looking for an easy way to profit from the Internet for the year 2020, and you do not know what are the easiest and reliable ways, and you do not have experience or capital, and do not want to make an effort in that?
No, we will offer you a strategy to win money through WhatsApp through an innovative and exclusive strategy and a new way to win money and earn easily.
In this way, you will rely on the WhatsApp application and subscribe to the huge and millions WhatsApp groups that include hundreds of thousands of people from all Arab countries.
Also, you will rely on two for-profit sites, which are 4ever, to upload files, videos, photos, documents, and profit from them
The second site is a site for shortening the links, and we will put all the required matters and links for you at the end of the post after we complete the explanation for you

How to profit from WhatsApp

Profiting from the Internet has become one of the things that people are looking for most, especially young people, because of its great importance in achieving a good source of income
Perhaps most of you do not know that there are many applications and programs that we use constantly that they can make money from them
This is what we will explain to you, which is the profit from WhatsApp
You will enter large WhatsApp groups, and we will put below a large group of famous groups that contain thousands of members from all countries of the world
After that, you will make WhatsApp video cases that do not exceed 30 seconds and put your name in the middle of the video ((watermark))
After that, you download the basic video on 4ever to upload files, which will enable you to earn money by uploading files in it and bringing visits to your download link after you open a new account in it
And if you copy the link of each video that you upload on the site and you open a new account at the Links Shortening Site, which in turn will give you money and enable you to profit by shortening the links, and you shorten the video link that you previously uploaded on the 4ever site, and it will give you a short link
Now let's get into the heart of this profit method:
You are now posting the watermarked video in these groups and below each video you put the short link

And you write to download the original video without a watermark please enter the following link
Thus, members of the group will enter the short link and then the download link, and thus you will earn money from the links shortening site and the 4ever site
And now we leave you with the required links, so do not forget to share the topic with your friends for everyone to benefit from it, as it is indicative of good as doers as you know.
To register on 4ever to profit from uploading files enter here
Million WhatsApp groups from here
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