How to Solve the Problem of Freezing and Chipping in Android Games and Pubg Mobile

In this post, we offer you a way to solve the problem of freezing and tearing of games on the phone for Android such as Pubg Mobile Lite, Free Fire and Call of Duty for free through a small-sized application, and to speed up the phone and mobile and solve the problem of cutting and removing the tearing for Android and iPhone, and this explanation does not apply to the emulator nor For the computer 2022
Do you suffer from the problem of freezing and interruption while playing because of problems with the phone or problems with the Internet and want to solve the problem?
No, we will teach you how to solve the problem, remove shredding, assembly, and speed up the phone and the Internet for all games, the most important of which are Pubg Mobile and Free Fire
In this explanation, you will rely on the SD MAID PRO application, the paid version, and this application is sure to solve all the problems of slowing the phone and speed it up insane and solve all problems related to mobile games

Explanation of the application of SD MAID PRO

The SD MAID application enables you to speed up the phone very terribly by entering the phone editing and waste cleaning section
It also deletes all hidden files that are leftovers from apps, files, pictures and videos that have been deleted from the phone
Once you delete these files, you will notice a big difference, and the games will become wonderfully fast
Also, this program enables you to free up a large area of ​​RAM, and this feature in itself makes the games fast, because the RAM's main function carries memory and the pressure of heavy and large-sized games such as the regular Pubg Mobile game and the Lite version as well in addition to the Free Fire game and all mobile games
To download the application and learn more details and watch the video for a practical explanation to solve this problem, enter here
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