Remove Payment Method Google Play | Solve the Problem of Purchase | Add Credit Card

In this post, we offer you an explanation of how to remove the payment method in Google Play and solve the payment problem. Promise to accept payment by canceling the old method in Google Play Stc | Google Play to buy applications and products such as PUBG MOBILE and Royal Pass Zain with Visa, credit card and mobile phones, explaining the types and methods of payment and how to add the methods of purchase for free
Are you facing problems with Google Play payment methods, and do you want to solve these problems?
Whatever problem you face in Google Play with regard to payment and purchase, we will solve the problem for you in just one minute
Most of the problems that users of Android devices and phones face in terms of paying for Google products and services are in fact 90% of them have nothing to do with the credit card, whether it is Visa or MasterCard
Rather, this problem is related to the mobile phone, and this solution is very easy and simple
Firstly, you have to turn off the phone first
After that, you enter the phone settings and then you enter the application settings
Now you are looking for the Google Play app icon and you click on Clear Data
In this case, the problem must have been permanently resolved as all previous payment methods have been removed and canceled, you are now experimenting with payment and adding a new payment method
The available methods are (credit card for all countries of the world and PayPal for some countries accept this method of purchase) by linking the Google Play account to the PayPal account directly
After trying, if the problem is not resolved, you will take the last step, which is to deactivate the Google Play application and then you will activate it again and it will update itself automatically.
Thus the problem will be solved once and for all
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