The best Program to Lock Apps with a Password and Fingerprint Without Ads

In this post we offer you the AppLock Pro program to lock applications with a secret number, pattern and fingerprint to prevent intruders from opening programs ((WhatsApp - Facebook - Messenger)) and other applications for the smartphone with download links for Android, iPhone and iPad for free and lock photos, videos, studio and screen without downloading programs Old lock
Do you want to lock a specific application or several applications inside your mobile phone without the need for root?
Are you bothered by lockers that force you to display ads that fill your mobile screen?
No, with AppLocker you will solve all your problems

What is AppLocker

It is a paid version of the main program in the Google Play Store and Apple Store ((PRO))
The application does not contain annoying ads, with the exception of a fixed advertisement that appears inside the application only when you adjust the settings
The application works to lock any application that you want to lock it from people, and no one in the world will be able to enter and open the application unless he puts the password or pattern that you set when adjusting the application settings for the first time
You can change the pincode and pattern whenever you want without any problems
It is already one of the leading applications in the field of locking and blocking to block the opening of applications without the permission of the owner of the mobile
The application is available on Android and iPhone devices, and we will put the download links for you below the video in which we will explain to you how to use the application and how to properly adjust its settings
Here we finish the explanation, we hope that we succeeded in that, so do not forget to share the issue of locking the phone with your friends for everyone to benefit from it
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To download the AppLocker app for Android
To download AppLocker for iPhone
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