Top 5 Free VPN Software To Open Blocked Websites and Accelerate the Internet

For everyone looking for a free paid VPN program for your computer, this post is for you
On this page we will present to you the 5 best VPN programs for computers to open blocked websites and speed up the Internet Enabled with lifelong activation for the year 2021 + Explanation of the method of loading, downloading, installing and operating properly without the need to crack 2022
Users of computers or laptops always need a VPN program for the computer, but they often encounter problems with the majority of the programs deployed in this regard
Since it is not free, and you need monthly or yearly subscriptions to get the paid version of the program, but we will offer you the best and fastest five Vpn programs for the year 2020 The paid version is free and active for life

Radmin Vpn

It is considered one of the best VPN drivers for computers, opening blocked websites, and playing banned games in some countries, such as PUBGY Mobile
The number of downloads of this program has reached more than 5 million people around the world who use the program, and this indicates that it is a successful program and holds the acceptance of millions who operate a VPN for the computer and laptop, it opens all the blocked sites in the world

Radmin features
Changing the site to several virtual sites and provides the most powerful and fastest servers
Opening all the block sites in all countries of the world, whatever the type of these sites
Open blocked games like Pubg Mobile
Internet acceleration is very terrible without the need to adjust the router settings
Prevent your PC or computer from being tracked from any party
Change location for more than 107 virtual countries
Solve all slow connection problems through automatic internet acceleration
To download the program from here

Ubran Vpn

Program to run Vpn for computer is free and activated for life and there is never a need to pay any fees
It is considered one of the popular programs among many around the world due to its ease of use and its small size, as it works with all computers, whatever the specifications of the device
Program Advantages
Its size is very small
It is compatible with all devices and even weak devices
It has thousands of global servers for all countries of the world
Provides additional internet speed when running the program
100% free and life time and does not need to pay fees
Opens all blocked websites in the world
Hide private IP and give fake IP to the global communication protocol
To download the program from here

Hola Vpn

It is one of the best computer programs in the world, you can download and run the program on the computer, and you can run it without downloading, by installing the Hola add-on on a Chrome browser with one click of a button and you will enjoy unblocking and blocking all the banned gaming sites in some countries
Program Advantages
Small in size and free with lifetime activation
Supports secure connection encryption
It provides you with more than 100 countries around the world for imaginary communication
It helps you to speed up the internet
To download the program for 32 Bit Computer here
To download the program for the 64-bit computer from here

Express VPN

ExpressVPN is a popular program and one of the best VPN drivers for your computer
It is 100% free software and is the No. 1 program to run Vpn and open banned sites for the year 2020
ExpressVPN features
Change the site to a default location
Opening all sites censorship
Unlock banned games
Internet acceleration
Prevent device monitoring
Change the location of more than 100 countries in the world
Open Google Play store across any country in the world
Solve all the slow connection problems
To download the program from here

Psiphon Pro

It is one of the most popular VPN drivers ever and we will provide you with a link to download the paid version of the program for free and with a direct download link
It provides you with the advantage of speeding up the Internet and opening any blocked websites in the world
You can run all the prohibited games and prevent monitoring of your computer

Psiphon Pro features
It does not need to be installed and installed like the rest of the programs - all you have to do is download and run the program directly
Gives you a comprehensive and complete Vpn includes ((Change IP - Change Country - Change Network - Change Connection Type))
Light in size as it does not exceed the size of 6 megabytes and is free for life
To download the program from here
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