4 best iPhone Games for Kids for intelligence (Age Between Two and 10 Years)

In this post, we offer you the best iPhone games for children 2020 without the net | Free games age two and a half to 10 years for phones that run on the iOS operating system such as the iPad and iPhone for girls and boys, as they are educational games and applications
If you see your child seems to love games a lot, he is unable to explore games for children and fails to choose his favorite game and hero
The store has given a wide range of wonderful and amazing applications designed for children of all ages
You must help your child to choose the right games. Learn about the best iPhone games for children, and these games make the child more intelligent

Minion Rush game

This is one of the best children's games for iPhone. It is ranked very highly and is ranked third in the family category, and out of 48,000 evaluations, it has four and a half stars.
It brings a lot of laughter, happiness and entertainment to the children, please your child with it, and this is one of the best children's games without the net through the best program
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Disney Crossy Road game

This is also one of the best kids games for iPhone as Disney Cross Road can really increase your child's interest
Explore the lands of Africa and the al games barn, there are palaces and the wonderful San Francisco, and there are beautiful tones in the game to hear while playing
Children can collect more than 100 statues of Disney, Mickey, Apexar, Rapunzel, and Buzz of the Year Light
And there are many special challenges such as storms, this game keeps boredom away from your child and makes him always happy, and these are the best programs, games for children online.
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Barnyard Games For Kids

This game has beautiful ideas that can increase your child's intelligence, and our children often learn from alphabet, counting, colors and shapes games.
While pressing on the farms, it produces animal sounds or colors, and the animations in the farm are very useful for these children
As it helps them learn numbers, letters and programs, and it reaches users of phones that run on the iOS operating system such as the iPhone and iPad, and it is one of the games and programs 100% free and works without internet
The game has reached its peak of success with the beginning of 2019 - and the end of 2020, and it is expected to top the list of best children's games at the beginning of 2021.
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Racing Penguin: Slide and Fly!

This game was a favorite of many children and they loved it very much
There are 6 magical worlds that kids love to fly, and there are 48 levels of racing that are very cool, so the child will have a very nice time to play and get many stars by skipping levels.
It is the best game for your child at the age of two years, whether for girls or boys, it is suitable for them and useful and makes them become smart in operating their brain in useful and fun things at the same time
Download from here
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