5 best Android apps 2020 of this Week | Great and Useful Mobile Programs

In this post, we offer you the most important and powerful 5 modern and new super applications that arrived from the Google Play browser | Google play to use
If you are looking for these new applications and games to try them at the end of this week, they are the latest applications for mobile and are considered super useful and useful programs and are not paid, but are completely free and have copies for downloading Apk
We will first choose the best new apps, the best newcomers, the funniest and most liked games, so you can try them yourself on your Android device.
If you are looking for an app to manage your personal or family finances, Finny might be the option you were looking for in order to update the Play Store.
The app is not much different from other money and expense monitoring apps for Android:
It includes the ability to create budgets and manage various accounts
And create profiles or see where the money we deposit goes each month
What really sets this app apart is its carefully crafted Finny design, based on Google's Theme Material design fonts, including features like a dark mode or attractive colorful graphics

Watermelon application

Lifetime Shopping List, Vitamin Using Watermelon 9
You can create collaborative shopping lists, which you can share with other people and members to edit and add their own items
To download the application from here

Redditoria application

There are many Android apps through which you can browse Reddit, the largest forum / community on the Internet
Redditoria is a new option that stands out for its simplicity of use thanks to its clean design, no ads and easy browsing
To download the application, enter here

HabitFlow app - Cycle Based Habit Tracker

It's a cycle-based diary app to help you create and maintain habits that is above all with a meticulous design that can also be customized thanks to the built-in themes.
To download the application and take advantage of it, enter here

Secure Clips app

Since Android does not include by default the ability to have a special clipboard to save the text we want to keep securely, an application like Secure Clips can be very useful It is possible to create a private folder that the rest of the applications installed on the device cannot access It is also possible to use the application to create and save private notes
You can download the application from here

LitePass app

Over the years, more and more developers and companies have decided to create "lite" versions of their applications. Using LitePass, you can see if any of the applications installed on your mobile phone have a light version available, so you can install it and save space on your mobile phone and you will discover its features yourself.
Note that there are other applications that can download these applications when needed, such as the Play Store and Play Store to download games and the Play Store for the computer and run the Google Play Games application
We have presented to you the top 5 five applications that you can use and notice the difference between them and the previous applications, and we hope that God has succeeded with what we have presented
Download it and benefit from it here
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