5 best Artificial intelligence Games and Applications for Smartphones

In this post, we offer you the best artificial intelligence games for iPhone and Android 2021-2022 with free download links for the Android and IOS versions, with a detailed explanation for each game separately.
There are a lot of people looking for puzzle games, artificial intelligence, developing the mind and thinking for all age groups, specifically children, girls and young people in the age of two, three and four years up to 20 years
You will find the most useful games and unique applications, which are the most powerful programs and applications for Android and iPhone for the year 2020-2021

Wonderputt game

This game is considered one of the best smart games for iPhone and Android and the most loved and won the admiration of many users
The idea of ​​the game needs a lot of focus and accuracy, and its idea is to insert the golf ball without repeating more than once in its correct place
For this reason, you need a lot of accuracy and focus in order to overcome all obstacles, you need to run the mind a lot in order to win the best victory, and it is the most beautiful and interesting game. You need to operate the mind and focus a lot and strength is also available
Download for iPhone from here
To download for Android from here

Monument Valley game

This game is the only one whose heroine is a queen, and you have to be ready to solve puzzles, and this will never be easy. There are many difficulties.
It is the latest game outside the palaces and inside temples around the world, and the most beautiful thing is that it is in 3D and what makes it more interesting
It is very simple, but you need focus and will make you love to explore and eager to finish all stages
Download for iPhone from here
To download the game for Android from here

Pair Solitaire app

This game needs a lot of focus. Your task is to match the cards with each other, and the challenge is to make one card and place these cards and keep them. It is a very interesting and exciting game.
To download for iPhone from here
And for Android from here

Prune game

Prune This game is to help the tree branch well and help it direct towards the sunlight in order to bloom well and look nicer, but that needs a lot of focus so that there are also many difficulties and you must add the branches to grow well in order to grow towards the right place
Download for iPhone from here
To download the game for Android from here
Here we finish providing the best applications and games for smart phones, do not forget to share the topic with your friends for the benefit of everyone
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