5 Best War and Action Games for iPhone of 2022 (Free Download of the Games)

In this post we offer you the best iPhone games, war, action and adventure games 2022 , and it contains a strong strategy to play in the most powerful horrible games
If you are a user of an iPhone or any mobile phone running the iOS operating system for the iPad, for example, specifically war games, action, excitement and grinding battles
You are in the right place, and here you will find your request with the strongest games of recent years

1- Call of Duty game

It is one of the most powerful games in Battle Royale and is characterized by very high accuracy and terrible and legendary graphics, which are for adults
And great weapons for fighting, joint play with other players, and another Battle Royale mod when the player reaches the tenth level in multiplayer
This game is classified as one of the most powerful and powerful action games for iPhone because it is characterized by very high graphics and also many maps (such as the one on the Playstation)
And also I play with very camels, and there are a lot of weapons and daily gifts
The game was designed in October and has received more than 25 million downloads in one week, and this is what distinguishes it from other games and makes it at the forefront of action games
Download the game from here

2- PUBG Mobile game

The PUBG Mobile game ranked first in the world as one of the strongest and best action games for iPhone phones for the year 2020
It was downloaded before Fortnite and also competed to be in the first rank to be the best action game for iPhone
How to play this game is not much different from the one before it, but more realistic
In the beginning, you are placed with 99 players. You must compete with them to stay last and be in the first order by killing your opponent and obtaining weapons equipment
What distinguishes this game, the game of Peggy, is that the door is opened automatically, (cars and trucks) can be boarded, and it can be cooperated with other people, as it is linked in many platforms and through the mobile it can be played with someone with you
To download the game from here

3- Fortnite game

Fort Knight is considered one of the strongest action and war games on the existing platforms, and after its release on the iPhone, it became very popular.
And it has become one of the most beautiful action and adventure games on the iPhone and Android because of its design and how to play it
And the most beautiful thing about it is that you play 99 players against some online, take weapons and points, and create traps to defeat your enemies.
You have to escape from the storm that appears to kill everyone and the winner is the one who survives at last in cooperation with another person in the war, and it is one of the most beautiful and interesting strategy games ever.
To download the game from here

4- Free Fire game

Free Fire is a completely free game, and it is one of the most enthusiastic and best iPhone games for the number of users per month that has reached millions
It is somewhat similar to the game Pubg Mobile, but it has been designed with a sophisticated and unique technology and its style is unlike any other game
The difference between it and the PUBG Mobile game is that you will fight 49 players and you are the number 50, while the PUBG game determines 100 players competing for survival
You must defeat the enemies and kill the opponents in order to win the game, as it is considered much smaller than the size of the PUBG Mobile game
To download the game from here

5- Modern Combat 5

Suffice it to say that Modern Kombat is developed by the world's most powerful game design company, Gameloft.
It has been designed to be a competition for all kinds of war, fighting, adventure and suspense games
It occupied the minds of young people, and many became addicted to it, and some preferred it to the PUBG Mobile game in terms of graphology and smooth play.
The game contains advanced and distinct weapons, and you must fight through them and kill everyone and all those you encounter in front of you from the fighters of the enemy's army
To download the game from here
Thus, we have summarized the best iPhone games for war, combat and action, and do not forget to share the topic with your friends so that everyone can benefit from it
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