Best 4 iPhone Games for Girls Only (Download Games for Beautiful Girls without the Net)

In this post, we offer you the best iPhone games for girls, free and offline games | Strategic, entertaining and beautiful games
The iPhone is considered the most used phone at the present time for young and old, and children often love to play on their parents' phones and the games that males like to differ from girls, here are the best iPhone games for girls, get to know the iPhone games for girls only

Cake Maker game

This game is considered one of the best IOS games that many girls like. This game has been designed like other girls ’cooking games, and the game has reached its peak in fame and popularity in 2019 and has succeeded in topping the list of girls’ and women's games in 2020 and is likely to be updated to become the most beautiful Much early 2021
The girls' love of cooking is from instinct and childhood, and the idea of ​​this game is to make a cake from the options in which there is to choose the design of the cake, its shape, color and flavor. This game is distinguished by its designs, wonderful colors, shapes of sweets and foods, which makes it the favorite game for girls and it is also free and develops intelligence for girls Lovers of strategic games and this particular game is also suitable for children and is very fun
To download the game from here

Princess tea party game

This game is one of the most popular iPhone games for girls, which many girls prefer to play in it because it works without the Internet and it is one of the beautiful and interesting free games for young girls
The idea of ​​playing this game is that a princess is preparing for a tea party with her princesses friends, and there are many stages in this game to prepare and go to the party, and the beginning of the game is to choose the shape of the princess that she loves in terms of hair, shape, skin color, hair and eye, as well as dressing the princess with the outfits she loves and there are a lot of outfits. There are also many different accessories that match the fashion you choose
Upon completion, the princess goes to the party and then you can also choose another princess and arrange her costumes, and this is what makes her beloved by many girls.
To download the game from here

Super Market game

This game is considered one of the best iPhone games for girls as well
Which many girls are attracted to
How to play this game Come on, a girl shopping in the supermarket, and the girl playing must help her to find the goods she needs
The game suggests the things that must be brought and the steps that must be skipped to get the required things. It also suggests the weight and price of the required things, and there is also an invoice for the things to be purchased. The most beautiful thing in this game is that it develops focus among girls as it encourages them to shop skills and these are the best free iPhone games 2021
Download the game from here

Fitness Girl game

This game is one of the most beautiful and powerful games for girls and the best games that girls benefit from
The idea of ​​playing this game is a girl who loves fitness and sports and has a daily routine for sport and special food in it and the idea of ​​playing in it is that the player gives orders to the girl from morning until evening and the orders are to choose the food and the sport time for the girl and the girl performs all the commands easily and this game is not just for entertainment is It also helps girls to learn healthy eating and sports and its benefits
Link to download the game from here
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