hashtag #cancelnetflix | Netflix loses $ 9 billion | The company lost 623,000 unsubscribe

In this article, we offer you a detailed explanation of why the hashtag #cancelnetflix is ​​spreading in all countries of the world to boycott the international film company, Netflix, due to its intention to publish semi-pornographic films that encourage children to have sex and spread the thought of homosexuality and child sexual abuse in its films, which have reached an irreparable degree By the company, and the numbers of material and moral losses of Netflix to date
The hashtag #cancelnetflix has spread in the world incredibly, especially after Netflix re-published other films that encourage sex among underage children less than 10 years old, just like the movie Cuties, which shook the world in general and the United States in particular, which made He brought Netflix closer to the abyss and close to closure as a result of the withdrawal of hundreds of thousands of their subscriptions from the company as part of the Netflix boycott campaign due to the publication of films that embody the phenomenon of child sexual abuse.
The hashtag #cancelnetflix is ​​# 1 in the USA
Netflix's losses have reached alarming and dangerous numbers, which inevitably lead any global company to close, and the real numbers are:
A loss of $ 9,000,000,000 ($ 9 billion) of its market value in the first day of the campaign launch only
More than 663,000 subscribers have signed the cancelnetflix petition to "unsubscribe"
Over 600,000 subscribers have unsubscribed from Netflix ((From America only!))
As the most famous company in films has become in recent years deliberately adding the character of sex and spreading the idea of ​​homosexuality and homosexuality among children under 18 years old
This is rejected by all peoples of the world, which led to popular anger and discontent to stop Netflix at its own, and canceling the subscription on the first day of the cancellation campaign has nothing to do with subscription prices or Netflix subscription, so the company may publish on the official website these reasons to justify this great loss Under the direction of the account manager for subscribers, but this is incorrect
Perhaps you did not expect that these films would receive this global rejection and make all peoples of the world angry at the trends of Netflix in their films.
So much so, that the #cancelnetflix campaign was published by the largest newspapers in the world and the Guardian newspaper

This is what made it more than an easy issue of anger over a particular movie
And this is a picture of the last movie that the company published on the official website entitled Cuties, which urges children to sex and dance through seductive movements and placing their hands on sensitive places on the little girl’s body, in addition to two clear hints of homosexuality in two underage girls aged less than 11 years. One African Muslim who suffers from persecution Al-Islami, according to the film's direction, and the other girl, of French origin
Twitter hashtags are: #Netflix #netflixcancel #NetflixPedofilia #NetflixTH #NetflixCancelled
The hashtag is still progressing and growing, and people are very popular in newspapers and international websites publishing the campaign widely, and we hope, as everyone wishes, that the company will change its policy and orientations in the films it shows to families.
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