Download the 4 best Kids Games for Android and Tablet for free

In this post, we offer you to download the 4 best kids games for Android complete for phone, regular mobile and tablet ((educational children's games, growth of thinking, learning languages, useful games and helping to develop ideas and mind))
Children are safe in our necks, they do not distinguish between things that are harmful or beneficial to them, so we must protect them from anything that puts them at risk, whether through social media, harmful programs, offensive videos or otherwise.
In this case, our role is to monitor and protect them, and we must help them to understand that these things are bad and useless, and it is also necessary for us to help them choose useful applications without the Internet
It is good that we encourage our children to learn how to enter the world of the net and search through Google Play for the best applications for Android
And you must learn what are the best good games to protect your child from addiction and from poor eyesight, which can double the amount of risk that neglecting it may lead over time to weak eye retina
God forbid, you may need an ophthalmic operation
We will show you the best Android applications for children
We will offer you the most powerful Android applications for children, including the following:

Lingokids game

This application is suitable for children between the age of 2 years "two years" and up to 7 years. It is available on all Android devices
The features of this application learn the best language in the world, which is the English language, in that it will allow him more than a group of vocabulary so that he will have to learn the English language and the learning style in it is smooth and simple and that will show you the information in a fun, simple and focused way in the mind
To download the game from here

Kids Learn shapes app

This application is suitable for children from the age of 3 years to the age of 8 years
The features of this application teach children basic shapes such as the square, triangle, and circular and many important geometric shapes such as polygons and rectangles that move your child to the real world, which is mathematics, which will facilitate his life path to oldness
To download the game, enter here

Brain Games for Kids

It is one of the best games that are useful in learning and making children benefit in the development of their mind while playing at the same time
It is a game dedicated to solving puzzles and riddles drawn with pictures to facilitate the task of knowing the correct answer by focusing on the images displayed to it, it is one of the best useful applications for children in Android
To download the game from here

Kids Educational Learning Game

We will not explain this game much to you, and we left it at the end of the list of children's games because it is well known and there are millions who download this game for their children and their sons and daughters to play with
It is worth noting that this game is suitable for girls, males and females "girls".
The game is cubes. Inside each cube is a picture. He must apply this image correctly to win and win, and this will develop the child's mind and encourage him to occupy his brain and think
To download the game, enter here
Here we finish explaining the topic of unique and new children's games for the year 2020-2021
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