Download Assassin's Creed Identity Game for Android (The Most Powerful Realistic War Games)

In this post, we present to you the Assassin's Creed Identity game for Android | The strongest and best fighting, war and action games of 2021-2022

Explanation of the game Assassin's Creed Identity

There are various games for Android. This is one of the best and most popular games. The game is preferred by many people and won the admiration of all its users
It is one of the best adventure and action games for Android and is distinguished by its wonderful beauty, and this game needs a lot of strength and daring to win it
It needs a lot of focus as it is one of the best action games and young and old love it and its weapons are very wonderful and very distinctive. It is an open game for Android, and it is classified within the realistic games

There are limitations in this and you can remove them. The game using IAPS. Some chapters need IAPs.ill completely and you break down things in this game and rebuild it
Then, choose your name on the name of your character, as well as the face for your character and the character
In the end, you can play as a professional killer, and this makes the game even more amazing
Your weapons are epic swords and a hidden blade
Experience free movements like jump, climb and feel the thrill of leap of faith on the screen of your phone
Unity Engine game brings stunning graphics through HD textures, shading, and their pattern on the screen
- All the places you visited in the Italian Renaissance will open the map to explore Santa Croce in the Florence area and the Colosseum in Rome. You can play it online with the Internet and you can also play without the net, which is really one of the best mobile games
This game supports many languages ​​such as English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, Brazilian, Korean, and Japanese
You need at least 1 GB of your phone's memory
Internet connection is required to play
To download the game from the uptodown store
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