Download the Game Contract Killer 2 for Android (Ruthless Sniper Game! For Adults)

In this post we offer you the game Contract Killer 2, a professional Russian sniper game that ruthlessly enemies in street war, and he is a real Russian sniper
Contract Killer 2 for Android, this game is one of the best and most powerful action and adventure games, Contract Killer 2
This game depends on shooting from the targets from the perspective of the first person and can control Jack Griffin, and it is one of the old games for adults and it is one of the strongest games that work without the net
The contract killer fights the army in city combat. You have a lot of tasks all over the world and it contains a lot of assassinations and it needs quick action.
The laws of this game, Contract Killer 2, need a lot of focus and scrutiny, and you need strong focus to aim in order to destroy your target with one shot, and also you will have your official weapon is a rifle
Each mission has a specific weapon to be used for some missions, and it is necessary to use the gun
Also for some tasks, it is necessary to use a machine gun or a rifle. You can invest money and improve your weapons
This is what makes it more amazing and exciting for the game Contract Killer 2 apk is a very wonderful, fun and interesting hacker game, and its graphics are fairy and tremendous to play in the game of sniper that works without the need for you to have internet, it is not an online game and a very small size
To download the game from here
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