How to Make Money for Children (7 Ways to Earn Money with Mobile Games)

In this post, we offer you the best ways to make money from the Internet for children, even if the child is young, through mobile and smartphone games and make some dollars a day quickly and in an easy way by playing and entertaining at the same time and making money at home ((home)) The 7 best mobile games To profit from the Internet for children and teenagers
The areas of profit from the Internet for beginners have become very many and varied, between profit from websites, earning money for free from programs, marketing, watching videos, advertisements, and many other profit methods.
But why not think of taking advantage of this field to make our children earn money too!
Yes, children can achieve tangible financial profit through the Internet easily in the easiest way, through useful and entertaining games that fill their time with interest and entertainment and also make money
This is what we will explain to you here. We will put in your hands the 7 best mobile profit apps for Android and iPhone. They are small games and are the solution for those looking for "how do I collect money while I am young"

Profit from Golden Bubble Sort

A basic win-win game by arranging balls according to color in the molds presented to you
And whenever you finish an arrangement and a journey, you earn money and move to the next stage and every stage in which the profit is more than the stage after it.
The method of payment and withdrawal of profits is via Paypal | PayPal only
The minimum payment is 100 and 10 dollars, but this amount is not large due to the profit rate
It is one of the easiest programs and games to win and make money without any effort and without even having the capital, you will win from it at home
To access the detailed explanation and download the game, enter here

Profit from Knife Dash

It is a beautiful and very entertaining game that is suitable for men, young men, children and girls as well
And the game users were able to win a lot of money through using the game on a daily and continuous basis
The principle of profit from Knife Dash works as follows:
First you have to smash the trees with the swords that you control, and the sword should not hit the other sword when it is fired, in this case you will lose and you will start the game again
When you destroy each tree, you will earn a certain number of points, and who you convert these points into dollars and withdraw them through the payment methods provided by the application
The payment methods are charged Google Play cards, Amazon cards to buy products from the Internet for free, and many payment methods
To access the game download links and to watch the video for a practical explanation of how to work in the game and make money, enter here

Profit from the game Weeder 3D

It is a very easy game, suitable even for young children, and they can start winning money for free while they have fun at the same time.
The game is about small farms that you have to harvest
The more you earn, the more money you earn
The blockade will be as follows:
A square-shaped farm, what is required of you is to control the mechanism responsible for the siege, and you will move it so that the whole farm will be harvested
Whatever you pass one stage, you will be transferred to the next, and thus your profits will be doubled
Upon completion of the farm, you must watch a video that is an advertisement and when it is finished, you will be taken to the next stage
Payment methods are via Paypal and Google Play card codes and codes
To access the game download links and learn more about how to profit from it, enter here

Profit from the game Money Dogs

It is one of the best and easiest applications to make money easily, this legendary, secured and honest application to make money at home and work online to achieve a good income
This game was developed by specialists in programming games and applications to compete with programs that make money from phones
It is a game of merging and collecting colored dogs in multiple colors that must be placed according to the color and installed on top of each other
Simply, when you download the application, you log in with your account on Facebook or by e-mail
After that, many boxes will appear to you in which some dogs are, all you have to do is merge the dogs and place them on top of each other to become one big dog, so that you can win the stage and you will be transferred to the next stage
Each stage has a certain number of points, and at the end you convert these points into money and dollars
For more details and a video to explain how to profit from this game and to download it to your phones, enter here

Profit from Golden Bubble shooter game

It is a new game of profit from the internet and it is developed by Happy Merge Games, the well-known company in developing games and applications for Android, iPhone and smartphones.
It's a very easy method, which is to spin the wheel of fortune, which is known as SPIN
As you will click on spin and the wheel will stop, and in order to win the fruits must be similar, and the profit will be added to your balance

The estimated profits from this method are between $ 1 to $ 10 and the end is $ 100 per day, and sometimes the profits are between $ 0.10
You should watch videos and ads in order to get more chances to win and try again
You can also double the winnings and earn more money by hitting the balls according to the color, and you must fall all the existing balls to win money from them to be taken to the next stage of the game
For more details, to download the game, and learn how to make money from it when you are young, enter here

Profit from Spin To Win

It is considered one of the best money-making apps for Android and it is the leader in profit-making mobile applications
For a simple reason, which is that the application pays many payment methods, namely: Paypal payment, bank transfer, and paytm
You will spin the Wheel of Fortune 15 times a day, and you can double the specified number by watching the videos and advertisements of ADMob Company | Admob inside the app
The second way is by scanning the cards and unlocking the cards in front of you
Thus the children will win money easily and without getting tired
To download the game from here

Profit from the game Money Flame

It is a game on Android devices that has been developed by Sidtech Studios, a publisher and active in the Google Play Store in the industry of mobile games that run on the Andriod operating system
The profit system from the game depends on collecting points and converting them into dollars and withdrawing them through two payment methods (PayPal - Paytm).
And collecting points is very easy, through the basic game of the game, which is to move away from the stones that destroy you and collect gems and gold within the game
Watch videos and ads, and then you transfer the points into money
Every 3000 points equates to $ 1, and the minimum payment is only $ 1, and these winnings can be obtained and win money within a few hours of playing
How to withdraw profits via Paypal and Paypal, to download the game enter here
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