How to Protect your Computer from Viruses without downloading any program | Windows 7-8-10

In this article, we offer you a detailed explanation of how to choose virus protection software that suits your taste, with an explanation of ways to protect against penetration without the need to install a free anti-virus program for the computer, laptop and Mac.
It has become evident that every day nearly 1 million malicious programs are issued on the Internet, and therefore it has become very difficult to pursue criminals via the Internet and arrest them or evaluate the protection program section
It does not matter which operating system you work on, be it Android, Mac, Windows or even iOS, you are always at risk without an anti-virus protection program.
The bright side is that the majority of users are aware of the severity of cyber threats and attacks, and they are looking for the best option for them to secure their operating systems.
Every protection company claims that their anti-virus software is the best among all. When you try to search for the best protection program for you, you find the market is full of free and paid options.

What is the anti-virus program?

Anti-virus software is a program designed to prevent viruses and malware from accessing the device you are using, and it works to protect the personal data of the user.
If you are trying to maintain a safe work environment, anti-virus software is the perfect solution as it fights all malware and cyber criminal tactics such as fraudulent scams, ransomware and other threats.
Best Free Antivirus Software maintains a database of all known malware and how to defeat it. This database is updated frequently, mostly on a daily basis and it is the lightest protection software

What is the quality of protection?

Antivirus software should be designed in such a way that it can operate in a dynamic environment. They must be able to keep up with new threats that are more powerful than old ones

What does the quality of protection depend on?

The number of times the program does an update
How efficient the program is in protecting the system without affecting its performance
How effective is the malware detection process
The ability and ability of the program to completely remove malicious software from the system
Accuracy has become one of the most important criteria that you must put into consideration before choosing an antivirus program, and it depends on:
Whether the program is running routine checks or whether the program is able to sense any weakness in the system performance and make an immediate scan automatically
Whether the program provides up-to-date protection updates
Whether the program is able to protect itself from orders
Immediately close it from the system itself, some malware is so powerful that it attacks the weakest point in the program and terminates it from locking the system
Whether the program is able to provide protection without conflict with other programs installed on the system Good protection programs always check whether there are similar programs installed on the system, and ask you if you want to uninstall it

Full protection method for your computer

The sources of viruses and cyber attacks vary; The program must provide complete protection, such as protecting Internet browsing, monitoring the sites that are accessed by the user, the files that are downloaded, etc.
Impact on performance
Protection programs usually take advantage of many device resources, so you should monitor the protection program after installing it, when it is running in the background and when doing a scan of the device
If your computer is vulnerable, you must choose a protection program that suits you, otherwise you will run into problems with poor performance
Ease of use
Always make sure that the protection program you choose is easy and simple to use, or at least what suits your skills in using protection software effectively.
And make sure that you can access all the features that the program offers and use them quickly and easily
Value for money
You should choose a program at a reasonable price and with the features that you need, as some companies offer you additional features and additional fees. You have to be smart and choose the right price and the features you badly need
Choose a well-known company
Always, as in any other field, go to well-known companies that have a good reputation. You do not want to end up using a malware program that puts you in real danger.
Also, there are many types of programs to protect the computer from viruses, and there are malicious programs that do not need to affix themselves to another program. We will have another time to explain it.
Through this post, we presented to you how to secure protection programs
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