How to speed up Android Phone with the free Files Go App | Incredible speed!

Speed ​​up the phone with this new application from Google for Android for free
Files Go app to speed up phone from Google to clean up your Android phone
In this post, we offer you an explanation of how to speed up mobile phones through the free Files Go app in order to speed up smartphones for Android Google Play, and through it you can speed up Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung phones, and for everyone who asks "Can the phone be speeded up?" Say yes, you can easily do that with programs without programs and some methods It depends on code, but in this explanation we will rely on a wonderful and easy-to-use program that will help you get a rocket speed and thus speed up the Internet as well
Many of us notice that his Android phone has become slow and difficult to use, or that the internal memory of the phone has started to decrease significantly, the user does not realize it.
Some may think that Android phones diminish their performance with the passage of time, and with this information correct, the phone's age is not the only thing controlling the speed of your device, you may find devices that do not have high specifications but work efficiently
And smart devices that are expensive, but slow to respond and cannot perform traditional tasks, and the secret of this lies in the large number of temporary files known as cache that accumulate in the device with the use of applications and lead to its slowdown
And a new Google app is coming to solve the phone speed up problem
The Files Go application, developed by Google Play, works to speed up your Android device by removing the cache files that accumulate on the device
It also alerts you of worthless apps that you no longer use so that you can easily get rid of them
And other terrible features in this application, which does not exceed 6 MB in size
And we will explain all the features in the next lines

Files Go app features to speed up the phone:

After we clarified the need for Android devices for an application like Files Go, it is time to explain how much the tremendous features that are available in the application speed up Android Files Go, which are summarized in the following lines:
The application is very small in size, its size does not exceed 6 MB
It does not consume your device's memory
The application has a nice, easy and smooth interface that makes it enjoyable to use
Supports the ability to save a large amount of memory by getting rid of valuable files and cleaning your device
It has a smart search feature that enables you to search for any of your files at a fast speed
Alerts you to apps that you are no longer using until you delete them and free up memory on your phone
It tells you of poor quality pictures so you can get rid of them
It is advised that you transfer the files to the external SD Card in order to reduce the load on the internal memory of the device
It gives you the ability to share files as Shareit but without any annoying ads
The application is completely free on the Play Store
It is the trusted app from Google that actually speeds up your device
Explanation of the Google Android app acceleration:
With all these terrible features in one application, we must explain how to use this application well to take advantage of all its features

And this is what we explain in the following steps:

Download the application on your Android phone through the download link attached to the article or through the Google Play Store
The application will ask you for permission to access the files so that it can detect files that are burdening your device * Click on Continue and then press allow in the window that will appear
When you agree to access the data, files go will search for the files that must be discarded, and many cards will appear to you, and at the top of it will be the card that contains the cache files that cause your computer to be overloaded.
Clean it by pressing Confirm and Free up as shown in the picture
And now you have been able to save a huge amount of memory and speed up your Android device in a safe way
You can follow the rest of the tips that will appear on the cards to save more space on your phone
To download Files Go to clean Android
From here, download the Apk app
We hope that we have explained the most important features and how to download from the Play Store
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