5 Strongest War Games for iPhone Without Internet for free (Strategic War Games)

In this post, we offer you the best 5 war and fighting games for iPhone without internet for the year 2021-2022 for free with a detailed explanation of each game separately and links to download these war games, which are considered one of the most powerful fighting games from the Apple Store for all phones running the iOS operating system
There are a lot of games for the iPhone and they are in the thousands, but all of them are useful and do not have the same importance, sophistication and professionalism that people are looking for using mobiles that run on the IOS operating system such as the iPhone and iPad, and others suffer from the fact that the widespread games need the Internet, they are online games Line, and they are looking for games that are not online and work without the net, and they are all new and modern games
Here we brought you the 5 most powerful combat war games that work without you having the Internet, from the most beautiful and best war and battle games with free download links

Gun War game

This game is one of the most powerful war games for iPhone without the Internet and has been developed and updated to rise to the throne of the most powerful war games in 2019
It is one of the most exciting iPhone games, where you will face zombies and defend yourself against strangers and zombies have a lot of fun
Also, there are a lot of weapons, more than 50 different weapons, and you have to choose your favorite weapon
As it directs a powerful epic war that you can start from the start and you have tons of missions to complete
This is what makes the game more interesting and there are more than 50 maps and the design of this game is very fabulous, and the best of it is that it does not need to have the Internet on the mobile
To download from here

Elite SWAT Commando killer game

If you like action games and fierce battles, then you will definitely addicted to this game, and you must be ready to launch a strong war
You will play with a whole team this game for iPhone and without the Internet, and the most beautiful thing is that it makes you travel all over the world to eliminate evil
You must equip your army and special weapons to prepare to eliminate evil
You have many tasks to do that take a lot of courage and strength
Be strong and play this best war games for adults
To download from here

2 lnto The Dead game

This is also one of the strong war games without internet for iPhone, and the best thing about it is that it is smooth gameplay and control. You have to protect yourself and your family from zombies. Beautiful and there are special challenges in it, which makes the game more powerful and enthusiastic. It is a war game without the net that adults and children love
To download from here

World War Survival Saga game

It is one of the most interesting and most popular war games for iPhone, due to the number of downloads for the game, which exceeded one million users of the game
It is recommended that the game developer update the game and add many new features and additions in early 2021
Is a game similar to a game of PUBG Mobile to a large degree, but the difference between them is that it works without the net, meaning that you will play with robots programmed to fight, and you are the one who determines the percentage of professionalism of the enemies that you will face through the game settings
To download the game from here

Desert Sniper 3D elite kill-er game

If you want to download the World War II or First World War game, you must try this distinctive game, it is one of the most beautiful iPhone games at all, and it is intended for adults only +18
It simulates the First and Second World Wars in various stages to overcoming all of them and winning all the battles and rounds you fight
To download the game from here
Here we finish explaining the most beautiful iPhone games of war, combat, liberation and resistance in the army with advanced weapons. Do not forget to share the topic with your friends for the benefit of everyone
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