The best 4 free IQ Games for Adults and Girls

In this post we will offer you the best puzzle games for iPhone 2020, the most enthusiastic and mysterious, and help to test the intelligence for adults, kids and girls
Puzzle games are the most popular games around the world from phone users, so there is no one who does not like these games of different types of fun and excitement, and they are also very useful and strengthen mental skills and also are a strong stimulus for the activity of the mind
We offer you the best puzzle games for iPhone 2020

Flow Free game

It is a great game and suitable for all ages and people who love colors at first, you will think that it is very easy
But as you continue to play it will look more difficult and its beautiful features in its stages. How to play in it is by connecting similar colors with each other
Its difficulty is that the color cannot be cut and that its pieces will lose, and for this reason it appears to be one of the best, most skillful and exciting focus games available for iPhone.
To download the game from here

The Talos Principle game

If you are interested in technology and its fans, then you will definitely love this game and what makes this game more popular and loving in the world is that it is 3D
This game depends on robots as the main character, and the player character is important to search for specific things
Also, the solution of gas is confusing and difficult in an old and deserted place amidst deserted buildings or natural places and therefore requires a lot of focus and keeping the mind more awake for success and victory
To download the game from here

The Room game

It is a game in which there are many stages and the player is located in a closed place with a lot of safes, and in order to open the storage, he must solve the puzzles. Each puzzle solved opens one cabinet
Thus, each stage has a level until it reaches the higher levels, and so the player wins and every cabinet he opens, the game becomes more difficult and it is a light game for the iPhone and small in size and its strategy is great
Download the game from here

Unblock Me Free game

This is an exciting, interesting and fun game that needs players to spend more and more accurately on every movement. This game is available for free on the Apple Store iTunes
How to play: It is to move the regular blocks in front of the red blocks, and the probability of winning increases as the user moves less in the level
There are four levels at the beginning of each level for beginners and at the end for professionals, and it has more than 15 thousand puzzles that need a very strong focus to win, and this is one of the best, smarter and accurate iPhone games 2022
Download the game from here
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