Top 3 Xiaomi Phones for Specifications and Prices and Features

In this article, we present to you an overview of the best modern phones for Xiaomi 2021 | Explanation of Xiaomi Android Phones Note 8, A3 and Note 8 Pro | Specifications, features and prices of phones, in addition to arranging these for the internationally distinguished company which is considered one of the best Xiaomi Android phones for the year 2022 competing with Samsung and Apple
With the competition for the smart phone industry to manufacture the finest and best types of phones and their eagerness to create modern models and features in order for this manufacturer to be unique from other companies and to be the strongest among the companies selling and trading through the best Redmi 2020 mobile phone company for the middle class at a varied price as follows: 3000
Xiaomi has reached the height of its development and popularity with the beginning of 2019 and has become one of the mobile phone manufacturers strongly competing on the forefront globally.

Xiaomi mi A3 explained

If there is anyone who has the credit for the fame of Xiaomi company, all the credit goes to the Xiaomi Mi A3 phone, which helped greatly in the arrival of the company’s brand to become a global brand as a result of the great demand for the purchase of the phone, and it is characterized by its cheap price due to its imaginative specifications and is considered one of the cheapest phones at all. What we compared, its specifications and features with the rest of Huawei and Samsung phones that carry the same features and types of phones themselves, their price is expensive
device specifications:
Xiaomi device has several specifications as follows:
6.1-inch HD screen
In-screen fingerprint and special protection
It runs Android 10 raw
It works with a processor 665 at a speed of 2M H
It works with a 4.64 GB RAM and 128 GB external memory
Supports adding an external memory card
Main camera resolution 48 mp
32 mp selfie camera
The battery capacity is 4030 MGAM and fast charging 18 amp
The price starts from 255 USD

Phone 8 Redmi Note

It is considered one of the best phones in the Arab world, and it is characterized by being cheap and enjoying the best and most beautiful features that make those who use it completely satisfied with its services and the many benefits that we will explain to you below
device specifications:
6.3 inch screen
Android 9 system with protection included
665 processor
Storage capacity of RAM and ROM 5.64 GB
The rear camera is 48 MB and a 13 MB camera
The battery has a capacity of 4000 mAh and fast charging 18 watts
The fingerprint came on the phone
The price is $ 208

Redmi Note8 pro

It is considered one of the best mobile phones for the year 2020 and it is expected to develop and prosper with the beginning of 2021, according to experts in this field
This version has received a very large sales rate in all countries of the world, and it is indeed one of the best products made by the designer company, and the Note 8 Pro has terrible and strong features and it is waterproof and broken from phones that support wireless charging, and it is considered the last of Xiaomi phones even Now that it has come after the Note 7, a new phone called the Note 9 will soon follow it
It is known that it will get Android 10 and Miui 12

Its device specifications:
6.53 inch screen, with Road Glass protection
Supports Android 8-10
RAM, 6.46 ROM and 128 mp memory
64 mp front camera
The front camera accurately 20 mp
The battery capacity is 4500 mAh and the fast charger is 18 watts
The price is 219 USD
The global ranking of the company's website has reached 641 in the world
To enter the Xiaomi company website and learn about new and modern phones with their prices, enter here
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