Very dangerous ! Disadvantages of Samsung Note 20 | Something Samsung has hidden

What is this thing that Samsung hidden in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 that will make you never buy it
In this article, we present to you the most important unwanted problems that exist within the Samsung phone, and we explain to you the leaks of the defects of the phone and we explained to you in advance about the specifications of this distinctive phone, and we will put you an explanation link below, but here we will explain to you a very serious defect that will destroy the reputation of this phone in the eyes of its fans
If you like the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra or other Samsung phone models
It is certain that you have already seen the analysis and read all kinds of information about this device. There is something that does not appear in any analysis, data sheet, or information provided by the company about the device, its price, and the features of the Note 20 Plus Ultra smartphone
This is something that iFixit has discovered which is very interesting not becoming an issue at least for now

This curiosity is related to the cooling system on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra coincidentally
The heating of this device is one of the most criticized points by users who have already purchased it, many international media have made the process of disassembling Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Mobil
Realizing that not all devices have the same internal hardware
We are not talking about Exynos and Qualcomm processor in different markets with different prices
As for the cooling system, Samsung chose two different systems that were included in the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra randomly
One system is the classic copper chamber which can be treated as "liquid cooling" and the other is the graphite plate system
They are completely different systems included without apparent logic in the Note 20 Ultra iFixit spoke about this issue
She commented that it is not something that he should be concerned with as a user.Both systems are valid and have very similar negative cooling capacity.
The curious thing about this is that Samsung has never talked about this issue at any time
And both versions are sold interchangeably in all markets if you buy the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra tomorrow
It may contain a copper chamber cooling system or a graphite plate system
This curiosity is news because the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is causing some overheating issues for this phone
A large portion of users who bought this device complain about overheating
And this little problem seems to occur in both versions regardless of whether or not they have a cooling system
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