What is Microsoft Company Office | And when it was Founded and what are its Goals

In this article, we present a pause with Microsoft, the features and benefits of the company, when it was established, what are its goals, how to search for it, when it was established, the reasons for success and development until reaching the forefront of the largest and largest companies in the world with all its branches ((Microsoft Store - Microsoft Word Online with download - Microsoft Service) Pro - Windows - its free and paid software))
It was established in 1976 until 1981 and its name was Micro-soft and they are separate
Then the founders of this company decided to merge the name to become: Microsoft, a multinational company spread in all countries of the world, which is by far the largest software manufacturer in the world and ran the computer operating system
There are many who ask themselves, Where is the company headquarters? The company is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and then moved to Redmond Washington
Mr. Bill Gates and Paul Allen are the true founders of Microsoft

Its most important products are Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel
This company includes Nokia mobile phones, the national security company Hexadite, and many other companies
This company takes care of the electronic and software specialties
Windows is one of the company's best and most famous achievements
The engineer receives a monthly salary of $ 106,000
Because managers don't like their employees to be thirsty, so this company serves drinks worth $ 23 million annually
This company made a big mistake in making its decisions, as it missed the opportunity to buy and partner a YouTube video for $ 500 million and Google kidnapped it for $ 106 billion.
Male workers dominate 71% of workers, while women account for 29%.
Acquired over the course of its work more than 170 technology companies, including companies valued at billions of dollars Hotmail and Skype
The company's share price has reached US $ 228.91 at the date of writing this article
We provided you with an overview of Microsoft's software company, its inception, its employees, and the companies affiliated with it, hoping not to benefit
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