3 best free pc montage software for weak 32 bit devices with small size

 In this post, we offer you one of the 3 best free computer montage programs for weak devices running on 32-bit without comment and without problems, and we will put them for you with direct download links for free from Mediafire

You will find here on this page the best programs that fit the operating system in your computer, suitable for weak computers with poor specifications.

That is why we returned to you with the best professional and free montage programs for computers, as it has become in our time a great need for montage programs to edit videos very much and it is important for people who want to edit videos on YouTube and social networking

That is why we need experienced editing software to use these programs without watermark problems on your videos

We also laugh at the beginning by using free editing programs with the same specifications as excellent paid programs, and in this article we will show you the best montage programs, which are the most distinctive applications you deserve to start with to edit and produce your own videos

These programs will be heard for the first time in Arabic content! It is not from Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, or professional programs, and all of them are free and professional and you have not heard of them before

 Follow us with the best programs and enjoy professional montage for free

Shotcut software

This program is one of the best programs for montage and it is free, as well as without watermarks and has different formats for video files, as it supports video editing with 4k resolution, and it offers you very easy tools and has various features and features available. The ability to edit the video in a very professional way.

It also gives you possibilities to modify the sound fantastically and use multiple filters

Shotcut Video Editor is 100% free, and you will never need to pay money to use it

You can also do a professional montage for offices or technology in general

As the Shotcut Video program, through which you can make a montage using Chrome technology ((Chroma)) green screen

You can also change the filters as the program has a large amount of distinct and terrible filters

You can also, through the Shotcut program, merge clips and merge images, and you can also add a video layer within a video

Simply put, after you try this terrible program, you will attach a lot to it because of its ease of use and its professionalism in editing videos.

You can try it now and control it. This program works on Windows, Linux and Mac systems, and you can download it from the official website of the company

To download it from here

DaVinci Resolve Program

This program is considered one of the best free and advanced programs with many imaginative features, especially in the field of video editing

It also has many effects and is easy to use and you can download the video in a different format with a resolution of 8k, and it is also distinguished by its color adjustment feature to obtain cinematic colors for your videos.

It gives you distinctive visual effects as it helps this application to cut the videos you need and make a mix of sounds fantastically and professionally

He also presented this program from the well-established Black Magic camera company, and it works on Windows, Linux, and Mac systems, and it is very easy to use and does not require any explanations. Editing videos is fairy

To download it from here

Lightworks program

It is a simple Arabic video editing program and is considered one of the best programs for editing videos. It has been used in many very famous international films. It is suitable for weak devices and works on 32 bits.

The program provides you with imaginative capabilities to edit videos and clips. It cuts the videos professionally and exports the video directly to YouTube for YouTubers

Also, the program has many fabulous features for video montage. You can export private videos in a different format and many fictional features. A very special and excellent program, and it is one of the best free programs for montage without a watermark and activated for life without the need for manual activation in Arabic.

To download the program from Mediafire from here

 To download the Wondershare Filmora9 montage program for free for PC, please enter here

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