4 best apps to hide photos and videos from gallery for Android and iPhone

 In this post, we offer you to download the 4 best applications for hiding photos and videos from the studio and locking pictures, files and programs with one click | The most powerful privacy protection software

We all have our own pictures and videos and we want to hide them from others because we do not have to show the pictures that we have to friends.

But you will not be able to prevent people when they take your phone from viewing what they want and in order to ensure your privacy and prevent others from viewing your photos and videos

You have to download and install one of these applications that we will show you to protect your privacy. This is why we have chosen the best applications for you to hide your private photos and clips.

We will explain a simple explanation about each application and what distinguishes each application. The best applications to hide, protect and lock your photos and videos. These are the best mobile locking programs.

After these applications that we will show you, you never have to worry about your private photos and videos falling into someone's hands!

Vault app

The mobile phone is exposed at any moment to theft, loss of the phone, or use by other people

So we brought you the best application to lock photos, videos, programs and everything inside the mobile, through the wonderful application Vault

In fact, I have tried all lock apps for Android but couldn't find any better one

It is a program that it is impossible for passwords to be hacked, as it has wonderful and useful specifications that distinguish it from other programs and applications related to phone lock

One of the most important features of the Vault to hide phone lock program is that it enables you to lock each program separately, and you can hide the pictures that you want to hide

You can also hide the videos that you want to hide, and this feature is only available in Vault

Therefore, we recommend that you use it, you will never find better than it in the many applications vault

To download the application from here

Private Photo Vault

This program is one of the most beautiful programs to hide privacy from mobile, which has excited all users since it was launched on Google because it contains many great features

The program enables you to hide pictures and videos through the security system, as it has a very high protection system and protects you from all your privacy from intruders

It has many great features that create individual albums collectively as well

It also allows you to share photos with friends within the application and supports the security feature

It also hides an application from the recently used applications and supports the feature of saving the video file. Through this application, you can protect what you want safely and do not worry at all, as it is easy to use and works without root

You can also convert the program icon to many forms, for example: in the form of a calculator

To download the program for Android from here

Link to download the program for iPhone from here

Keepsafe Photo Vault

This application is considered one of the best applications that hide your videos and photos, famously known as photo vault

It works with a high quality protection system that makes the process of accessing your videos and photos very difficult and it works to hide your photos and videos from the gallery of your phone

Also, no one will be able to open except you by entering the secret code or the code that will place you

One of the advantages of this application is its support for the Google feature and helps to protect its own photos and videos

To download the application for Android from here

Link to download the program for iPhone from here

Gallery Vault app

This application is one of the best applications for hiding pictures and videos and is more popular and got millions of downloads from Google Play Store and Apple Store iOS.

The application hides the pictures or files that you want and it is difficult for others to find them. You can hide your privacy from others with great ease

What distinguishes this application is that it protects the photos and videos in high quality and protects them inside your phone and protects them through the secret code or pattern status or through the face, eye or fingerprint

To download the application for Android from here

Link to download the program for iPhone from here

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