5 best online team games for iPhone | Free games to play with friends with chat

On this page, we present to you the 5 best online group games for iPhone to play with friends with chat and play with people | Awesome, fairy and exciting mobile games (war - adventures - suspense - excitement - strategy games) with a free download link for each game with a detailed explanation of the games features

Battle of warships naval blitz game

It is one of the most amazing games for the year 2020, and the number of game downloads by the beginning of 2020 reached more than 100 million

This is a terrible number and indicates that it is a game worth trying and deserving to be on the top of the mobile war games list

Small game size (126 MB)

Easy to play and smooth to use and skip stages

Infinite stages to make players feel more fun and create competition within the game

Play online and can be played online via the internet and can be played without the net

Play without the need for internet, as the game features distinctive graphics and a great design

You have to win all the stages, and every stage you pass you move to a more difficult stage

The battle of warships naval blitz game has two versions, one for Android and one for iPhone

But what distinguishes the iOS version of the game is that it is more beautiful, more professional and elegant, and enjoys terrible, perfect development and more similar to the truth.

To download the game from here

Rise of Kingdoms game

The game Rise of Kingdoms is a very wonderful strategy game to play with friends and it has gained great popularity in the world and spread to all continents of the world

And this remarkable spread came because of the presence of all the civilizations of the world within it

Thus, whatever country you are in any country in the world, you will find your civilization within the game

You will download the game Rise of Kingdoms, find the game download link at the end of the post, and then choose your civilizations

And you start building the army and the city and creating a population for your city and strengthening your army in order to attack other civilizations within the game in order to resent your army and expand your civilization

To download the game from here

Dragon ball z kakarot

Dragon Ball Z is a cartoon series that was produced in the last century and has been a huge success around the world.

Because of this success, the company producing the film decided to develop this movie and turn it into a game on the iPhone devices

And this is to keep up with the wave of great development in the world of technology and the Internet, as 95% of people prefer to use mobile phones

Indeed, the new Dragon Ball Z game was designed for free, and anyone can download and play it 100% for free

It is a wonderful and entertaining game in every sense of the word, and we will briefly explain the most important features of the game, and you will find the game download link below

Dragon Ball Z game contains many characters, and you can choose the one that suits you

Among these characters are ((KAKAROT, Frizer, Johan, Kochi and many fictional characters))

The game includes many stages that you have to overcome and win

Dragon Ball lets you play directly with your friends

The game contains many stages and in each stage there are Dragon Balls that you must collect to develop the characters

To download the game from here

Mortal Kombat Mobile

MORTAL KOMBAT is a fighting game, which is a competition between fighters with fictional characters

The competition takes place in many tournaments and stages, and basically the game is the Playstation game and it was released in Japan 40 years ago and is still to this day one of the most famous fighting games at all.

As a result of the success of the game and its great popularity, and as a result of the prosperity of mobile users, the game is designed to run on iPhones for 100% free.

And it works with all iPhones and all versions without any problems

All known player types in the game with the Playstation version are in the mobile version

100% FREE for life

The size of the game is very small and works on all phones that run on the iOS operating system, such as iPhone and iPad

Very high graphics and professional game design

To download the game from here

DC Legends game

DC Legends is one of the most popular mobile games for the year 2020, as it has spread widely in the recent period

It really deserves the wide success it is having in the world

DC Legends has many advantages that make it completely unparalleled

As it combines fighting games, mythical and historical games, as well as adventure games and family games

This is the result of the excellent graphics that make everyone who plays this game loves it and cannot stay away from it

Because whoever plays it feels that he is playing an adventure game as well as fighting and also a fairy game, all this feeling you will feel while you are playing this wonderful game

To download the game from here

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