5 best programs to capture the computer screen with high-quality HD sound and image

 We offer you the best 5 programs for capturing the screen of the computer with sound and image for technical explanations and imaging games such as the game PUBG Mobile and all kinds of games with high quality for all computer and laptop operating specifications and weak devices Windows 7 and Windows 10 with a free download link

If you want to record screen clips on the computer, then you definitely need a screen capture program in order to shoot, whether it is shooting games, education, or explanations, whatever you want to photograph.

So we have come back to you with the best free software for capturing the screen in the computer and the clips that you record with it. You can publish them on YouTube, Facebook and many other platforms

Also, these programs that we will offer you are considered one of the best and most distinguished programs, but you have to choose the right program for you

You can also capture photography and select it from many external sources such as a webcam. How many of these programs that we will present to you allow you to download on the Internet directly from within the program

There are also those that work on weak and medium devices, weak computers, and laptops as well

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is considered the best screen capture application for computers, and it is free to capture games or live broadcasts. It has a lot of features and is the most beautiful of the imaging quality is very fairy, its accuracy is excellent, very high quality.

What distinguishes it is that it streams and streams the video in HD quality

Also, the most beautiful feature in it is that there is no specific time to shoot, whether it is long or short, and it takes some time, but it is worth because the video will be very wonderful.

If you are one of the enthusiastic people, I advise you to try this program because it is very cool and easy to use, and unlike many programs, it does not have a specific duration for photography.

Some apps only shoot more than 30 seconds if you don't purchase a license for them and do

Apply a watermark, but this program is free for an unlimited time

To download it from here

Camtasia Studio

It is one of the most popular screen imaging programs that YouTube relies on, owners of direct broadcasts on Facebook, and technicians who shoot the screen with videos for explanations and programs, and you can download the program in Arabic

You can also, through Camtasia Studio 9, photograph the screen in addition to making montage through it at the same time, and the most important features of the program are:

Screen capture feature ((desktop)) very high quality video up to 4K, editing and exporting video

Modern and renewable filters are only found in Camtasia Studio

Supports Chroma screen ((green background))

The possibility of placing an infinite number of inheritances, which helps the montage process smoothly and without restriction

Many music inside the program is not subject to copyright, and anyone can use it as if it were theirs

To download the program and watch an explanation of how to activate the program for life and remove the watermark, enter here

Flashback Express

Flashback Express is a computer screen video recorder, packed with fancy features for recording videos and screen captures as well as from a webcam.

It supports full HD video and audio imaging, and you can shoot with the internal sound only and take the external sound separately to facilitate the montage process and remove the annoying and unwanted sounds

One of the best things about this application is its interface designed in a very wonderful and distinctive way, and what distinguishes it is the presence of a video editor inside it integrated with it and this feature is very wonderful for everyone who needs to capture the screen

You can also coordinate the output. The application will appear in a traditional and normal way. This is normal because it is free, but it is very cool and very imaginative. You will find inside it a large set of settings for designing

It has also been chosen with great care to make it look very professional, and it gives you a special way to delete the passwords that you put on the screen. They will be deleted automatically from the application and it gives you many frames really a very wonderful and different application to a great extent

To download it from here


Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is one of the easiest screen capturing programs for a weak computer, it is really a very cool program and it is considered one of the most powerful applications for screen capturing as it works inside the browser

The best thing about it is that it has no time limits, not even a watermark

It also provides you with a lot of export options to choose what you want, but this application there is one negative thing that it is not suitable for shooting games. If you want to shoot an educational video or an explanation of an application, you have to try this program because it is the most suitable for you.

Also, the best thing in it is an administration that works inside it in the browser. This means that it is not intended for games, but for education and explanations

When you download the application for the first time, you will be asked to download a small application to start, and then you will be provided with control terms full of control options. Really a very cool application worth trying

It is worth noting that you can shoot a computer screen with video without programs, by entering the official website of the program and clicking on the Start Recording button

To download the activated program and enter the official website

from here

Bandicam software

It is one of the best screen imaging programs for the computer, it works on weak devices in a very small size and supports the Arabic language in the free and modified version and the paid version of the program at the same time

With Bandicam, you can shoot a very long video screen for free, shoot explanations, and shoot games like the PUBG Mobile game

Also available in the program is the feature of shooting games in the live broadcast on Facebook and YouTube and hand-cam photography accompanied by basic photography of the game and there are many people photographing Pubg Mobile games and the 8 ball pool game through this program

Download the program link from here

In the end, we would like to draw your attention that you cannot do screen imaging without programs, you must have a program that handles this task

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