6 best daily skin care methods | Recipes for all skin types (oily - combination - dry)

 In this article, we present to you the 6 best ways to take care of the skin daily at home by natural and free methods for all types of oily, combination and dry skin, through these care methods and recipes you will take care of the face naturally

Many girls all over the countries are very keen to take care of their skin on a daily basis, and they stimulate a lot on their skin to keep it bright, white, healthy and free from impurities or wrinkles.

She is very keen to keep her look and clear through masks, follow a daily routine or a certain food and protect herself from exposure to the sun or by using detergents to get rid of dead cells.

There are many methods for daily skin care that help to preserve and keep the skin and more beautiful, and for this day we will show you the best ways to care for the skin and preserve it beautifully and interestingly. Follow us with the best skin care tips

One of the most important things that help you to preserve your skin and get rid of dead skin and clogged pores is the use of exfoliators for the skin, whether they are natural masks or exfoliating products, it is a very important step for skin care. Exfoliation, we do it twice a week

Drinking water

Be sure to drink adequate amounts of water because it helps the skin very much to keep it beautifully and naturally hydrated

It also helps reduce pimples and pimples on the skin, which is what makes your skin look more beautiful and fresh, gets rid of toxins in the skin and helps protect it from wrinkles.

Stay out of the sun

It is the biggest enemy of the skin when going out to places you must be careful to preserve the skin and put on a sunscreen because the sun infects the skin with dark spots and a phenomenon that causes burns and glow of the skin and its infection with toxins, so it is recommended to stay away from the sun

cleaning the skin

It is a very basic thing for skin care to get beautiful skin. It is very necessary that you wash the skin with warm water to open the pores and get rid of the bacteria that are present on the skin

And choose the appropriate lotion for the skin and start cleaning it with warm water for two minutes and then with cold water

Masks or natural recipes for the skin

It is also very important for daily skin care, helping to nourish the skin and make it brighter

You have to pay close attention to masks or masks that contain chemicals and are very harmful and are the enemy of the skin. They must be masks or masks with natural ingredients

You do not have to keep the mask on the skin for more than 20 minutes and wash the skin well when finished

Make up

It is the enemy of the skin. You must be careful before going to sleep that you wash the skin well and do not leave any traces of makeup on the skin

This is because the effects of make-up or cosmetics only cause very bad dryness of the skin and pimples appear to you. You have to pay attention before going to sleep. Wash the skin well.

healthy food

You must be careful to choose the daily foods and the types of food that you eat, you should stay away from fast foods and soft drinks that contain caffeine, and you must increase the healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits

You should stay away from fruit and vegetable oils. They help the skin and make it look younger and look healthy, and you should eat foods that contain vitamins, minerals and fiber.

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