Best app to earn money for free by watching videos | Mining Time app for Android

 In this post we offer you an explanation of the easiest and best way to make money from the Internet via the phone via the Mining Time app for Android and explain how to earn money through themobile by playing games, clicking on jewelry, watching videos and advertisements, collecting points and winning PayPal balance, Google Play cards free of charge, and iTunes cards And lots of ways to pay you profits

A continuation of the series of profit methods, specifically the best profit applications from the Internet via mobile, specifically the applications, programs, and games that are guaranteed and honest to win real money with a detailed explanation of all the strategies required for each application.

We will put them to you at the end of the post after we explain to you the way to work with this wonderful and easy program and make money through it while you are at home and it is suitable for students and the unemployed and also suitable for women, men and children because of the ease of profit from it

How to earn money from Mining Time app

It is a free application available on the Google Play Store for Android phones

The application is a game that contains many tasks that enable you to win money by implementing those simple tasks that do not require any effort.

The tasks required of you to get money through it are:

Profit by clicking on the yellow jewel

It's an easy and unconventional method only available in Mining Time app

Since you are all required of you is to open the application and it will show you in the interface of the application a large yellow jewel

You have to click on it in order to show you your profits that you earn, and profits according to luck, may be direct dollars and may be points added to your account balance in the application and the profits appear to you in the upper right section

Profit by playing games

This application has a set of internal games, which you can play and win from without the need to download them

Every game where you pass a certain stage, profits will be added to your account, and this is one of the easiest ways to profit from this program

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