Download the 3 best programs to play music, songs, and videos for Windows 7 - 8 - 10

 In this post we offer you the best 3 music and video drivers for the computer 2020 - 2021 for Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10, each of the programs that you will find here is completely free, the modern version, and a lifetime activator and we offer you an explanation of each program separately in addition to the download link Directly from Mediafire, you can easily play music without facing any problem

We came back to you with the best programs to play music, songs and videos with a very wonderful and very clear sound. We have chosen the best programs for you and the most used

All of these programs that we will offer you for computers and laptops are free, and we will display the programs and explain to you how each program works and how to use it, and we will explain to you what distinguishes each program

Follow us so that you do not search anymore for a solution to the problem of playing music, as these programs that we offer you are easy to use


This program is one of the best programs for playing music, songs with a very wonderful sound, and you can play videos easily through it, and you can get pure and clear sound through it.

JetAudio supports all file formats, whether they are visual or audio, and it supports 56 different files, including the JetAudio format.

It also has many different features and you can use it to make music CDs and it can be used to record audio in CD

And it converts your favorite songs in cassette tapes into digital songs that work on your computer because it supports the technology of converting songs

It is also used to change the format of sounds, for example if the music format is MP3, which it converts to OGG, such as the format of World Radio programs and others

As it has many sound effects and you can control it completely and you can convert these sound effects to the songs you want and enjoy it makes you feel as if you are listening to music in a large international hall

You can also control the volume of the volume while you make it pure, not only that! In fact, JetAudio gives you all the different modes to hear the music and songs as you want

And the most beautiful thing about this program is that it allows you to change the icon of the program as you want and it has many wonderful and different shapes that you will find on the Internet and you can install them happily to become the program interface is very wonderful and wonderful programs worth trying

To download the program, the latest version, from here

Gom Audio

Gom Audio is great, runs smoothly, is easy to use, and has no operating problems

It is a comprehensive music, songs and video player, and it has many tools, features and great ideas that you may need

Also, most of the users of this program love it greatly and only enjoy it as it has a modern and easy interface and control panel for all users that help them manage and play a lot of music files in a very easy and simple way without any problems at all.

It also plays all songs and music with a very pure and clear voice, with high quality and very distinctive

Also, this program allows you to play audio files from the computer or through a CD from the Internet, as it allows you to create your own music playlists that include the collection of songs that you love to hear continuously and permanently and it has a large range of international and famous radio stations and It has energy conservation in the computer and you can listen to it before bed and it stays on all night without spending much energy. A very cool application and worth a try

To download the full Gom Audio program from here


It is one of the most famous and best programs for playing video and music for the computer in a very small size and works easily with weak devices, and we will present to you the full latest version of Media Fire with an explanation of the most important features of the program, how to use it and how to benefit from it

It is considered the latest music player program for the year 2020 and will be redeveloped in early 2021 according to experts, and it supports the Arabic language, and there is no need to hack the program or search for the program hacked to Arabize it! , The program has within it, within the settings settings, the ability to convert the program language completely into Arabic

You can benefit from the program's services for free and for life, and you can download the old and modern program, and we will put the download links for you below

The Winamp program is one of the finest programs used by millions of users around the world, and everyone who used the program praised it and advised everyone to use it, download it and run the player.

It was the year 2018 and before it the year 2015, where it was its first year and it was launched free of charge at that time, it won the admiration of many, and this is what pushed it to stay on the old approach and that everything that the program offers of playing videos, songs and music is 100% free.

To download the program the old version in a small size

from here

Download Modern Winamp (Latest Version)

from here

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