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Today we will present to you in this post the best Android games for the category Boys - Kids suitable for both boys and girls | The best 3 entertaining and useful educational games for phone and mobile that run on the Android operating system with a free download link 2021 (old and young children games) games that you can play on mobile without the net and on line according to your desire

Many people love games for entertainment and enthusiasm. Today we will show you the best and most beautiful games for Android and the most enthusiastic. We have chosen the most entertaining and exciting games that we will show you and explain to you about each game and what distinguishes each game and how to play it with a direct and free download link for each of these three games which will be done Developing it in 2021 to become more beautiful than it is now

Crashlands game

This game was exported in 2016, so far it is considered one of the best new Android mobile games for entertainment, adventure and excitement, it is an educational and entertaining game at the same time
It is also one of the most wonderful and skillful games to play online and without the net according to what you want, and if you want a game for your girls or young boys, this game is completely suitable for them, specifically boys 7 and 8 years old or 2 years old and young children of one and two years who do not know how to choose The toys that suit them, so parents and mothers should choose the game that suits them
Crashlands game system and gameplay are as follows:
Whoever plays the game, you have to drive a spaceship and roam in space and galaxies, and the craft crashes on an alien planet! And what you have to do is to find out what is happening on the planet and that you are building a piece of your own.
What is required of you is that you will save the world from evil and the conspiracies that take place and solve them, and eliminate the bad people who lurk evilly on the planet Earth
And there are tools to develop your character in the game to become stronger, and there are a lot of things that help you to create what you want and need
The most beautiful thing in this game is its accuracy, professionalism, terrible and legendary graphics, and it is smooth in play and exciting a lot and increases enthusiasm
Also, the vehicle is very wonderful. You feel as if you are in real space and the planets are amazing wandering around. It is the best and most powerful game you can play and it is considered one of the almost realistic and real games.
To download the game for free from here

The Escapists 2 game

You have to try the escapists 2 Mod APK game. These games are very wonderful and fun and have been designed in 2018, and it is one of the most beautiful games for mobile and smartphone and the best for Android. And 5 years and 6 years up to 10 years
What you have to do is escape. You will find yourself in a prison and you have to think and plan to escape from it. This game helps children and children at a young age to activate their brain in planning and calculating situations and self-reliance in getting out of the dilemmas and difficulties that they may face in the future
There is a lot of material for you, and you have to find a way to make you escape without anyone noticing you
Plan and implement carefully, and be sure to escape without being noticed by the enemies. The two parts of this game are the same basics and conditions. You must be a skilled prisoner and follow all the rules and conditions to escape
Also, do not forget to hide the weapons and materials that you flee with so that no one feels, then if you are able to escape, beware that someone catches you or catches you.
The first part differs from the second, as it is newer, has more complex conditions, bigger prisons, and also has more equipment
To download the game from here

Minecraft game

This game is the most famous Android game and it is a global game used by millions all over the world and suitable for all ages for adults, girls and children as well | Many children are addicted to this game because of its childish and childish design and as a result of the importance of the game and its professionalism, even adults have become addicted to it
It also gained great popularity and loved by all its users and got 4 stars in the Google Play Store ratings
The task required of you in this game is to explode things, build others, defeat villains and enemies, do everything you love and do what you want
And you have a lot of food and resources, it is really a pinnacle of creativity and unique design, and the most beautiful thing is its wonderful idea that gives everything and we will offer it to you without the need to learn how to hack the game
Also, its updates do not stop, which indicates the interest of game developers in creating the spirit of continuity and development of the game, the game was launched for the first time in 2015
It has very many possibilities, and it is also available for Android free of charge from the Google Play Store and the Apk Store and also allows you to play with people online with friends with chat to communicate and chat with users, indeed it is one of the most powerful Android games because it is wonderful and enthusiastic and there are designs and personalities that you create yourself, and with all That is, you can download the game and play it without the net
To download the game from here
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