Download the 4 best remote home monitoring apps by mobile | For Android and iPhone

 In this post we offer you the best 4 applications for remote home monitoring via mobile only and home monitoring with the camera through programs that help you protect yourself and your privacy from theft and looting, we are all vulnerable to theft, burglary and fraud in some cases, and in order to protect yourself and your home from theft, you will need to purchase equipment It is very expensive and may not help, but with these programs for Android and iPhone you will be able to monitor your home and children while you are outside the house

There are many who want to monitor the house after leaving it for many reasons, some of them want to monitor children or there are those who want to watch her husband or son, and the reasons are many, and you can actually monitor the house via mobile only

Therefore, we will offer you the most beautiful and wonderful applications to protect your money, your home, and your private things that you want to steal, protect yourself from thieves, and protect and monitor your children

They are the best applications for remote monitoring online, and what distinguishes each application, we will explain a simple explanation about it and explain how to operate surveillance cameras from mobile via the technology of turning the phone into a hidden camera

ICAM application

This application is considered one of the most wonderful applications and has been installed in the iPad or iPhone and Android devices. Its price is $ 8 and it is very simple and it also allows you to remotely monitor multiple videos and audio.

It is also used to monitor children and pets and is available on iOS and Android

Choose the latest and developed version iCAM PRO, as this application offers you, through computers, a live and direct broadcast service through the webcam

Therefore it is a very beautiful and wonderful application and its upgraded version is fabulous, try it and watch your children

To download the application for Android from here

To download the program for iPhone from here

Alfred Home Security Camera

This program turns your old phone into surveillance cameras, and this is a wonderful and fairy service, and you can download it on two Android phones, one for viewing and another for live photography.

You can use it through Google and it is available on Android and iOS devices. Download it and monitor everything related to you carefully

Its remarkable precision makes it easy to use and its use is very simple

To download the application for Android from here

To download the program for iPhone from here

IP Webcam app

This application is considered one of the very coolest applications, especially for people who do not keep their old devices

Therefore, when you install this application on the phone, it will convert it into a surveillance and spy camera, and when you connect the application to the phone, you will be able to monitor your home directly and the quality of photography in it is fairy

You have to run VLC Media player on your computer in order to take full advantage of the camera in order to get more efficiency, install it, record and discover for yourself suspicious sounds and movements via DVR technology

To download the application for Android from here

To download the program for iPhone from here

Presenc program

This application turns your Android, iPhone, Android and iOS phones into wireless cameras to protect and monitor your home, in addition to having great protection features.

One of its advantages is that you can control it remotely and anywhere in the world, and it allows you to connect it to another phone to monitor what is going on in the world

Available for Android and iOS devices

To download the application for Android apk from here

To download the program for iPhone from here

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