Download the Apothecarium game for PC, for free | The best puzzle and mystery games

 In this post, we offer you to download the Apothecarium game for PC and laptop for free | The best games of intelligence, mystery and gas are difficult. It is the only game for smart people with a free and direct download link

Apothecarium game features

The Apothecarium game is one of the best and strongest puzzle and mystery games for the computer and the most enthusiastic and exciting and you will love it from the first time you play it and addicted to it because of its beauty

It also increases your focus and intelligence, and makes you more accurate and focused

This game needs a lot of focus, accuracy, diligence and thinking well above all in order to be able to complete the tasks that are set for you and solve it correctly

This game makes you use a lot of your time and get rid of boredom, you have to be sober, attentive and smart during the game and prepare well

The idea of ​​playing is a long time ago. A dangerous epidemic started in a small place, but it spread in many cities and places because it is an infectious disease and they did not care about it and they did not find a treatment or ways to stop its spread properly

So the disease has spread very much and no one has been able to stop its spread, so you must move and try to find a cure for this disease and stop it from spreading, otherwise humanity will become extinct from it

So you have to work with great effort and intelligence to find a cure for him, here begins your adventure and your wonderful mission in solving this mysterious mystery and starting challenges

Every place where you will be there is a task for you to pass, and do not forget that speed is very important for you to continue playing with skill, focus and intelligence to get rid of this dangerous disease that is ruthless and spreads widely.

You will be like investigators. You have to find solutions, solve puzzles and think well, you have to be serious and focused greatly to win and get rid of this epidemic quickly and save humanity and search for lost things that help you solve these puzzles that will save humanity

Download the Apothecarium IQ game here

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