Download The Dark Knight for Android from Mediafire for free

In this post, we offer you to download the Batman game for Android | batman The Dark Knight Rises apk, with a direct and free download link from Mediafire, explaining how to install the game in a very small size, how to play with it, and what are the most important features of the game | It works without hacked Net

Features of the game Batman 5 for Android

An interesting game full of enthusiasm and suspense similar to the version of Batman The Dark Knight Rises 2018, which was developed according to the release of Batman - The Telltale Series in 2019 to meet the desires and aspirations of fans of the fictional Batman 6 character that we were watching on TV when we were young

The game has been exported, developed and updated with the beginning of 2020 to become Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate, and a new update is expected to take place in 2021, according to experts and observers.

This game has been for a long time and so far it is one of the best mobile games and has gained great popularity, and won the love of everyone of all ages, young and old

It is a game full of adventures and great fighting, and the most beautiful thing in it is the idea of ​​playing very wonderful and easy to use

This game was initially exported to the computer and gained great popularity it was created from a very popular movie and after the love that I got, it was exported for iPhone, Android and iPad

You can also play it on the PlayStation, which is one of the most exciting, enthusiastic, and high-definition games

It has a high and distinctive animation and was loved by many for its beauty of sounds, decor and design

The idea of ​​the game with it in the beginning will be in a city called "Al Jathoom", which is a city that is always in danger from the bad guys who work writing, drugs and dangerous work and cause great danger to the people of the city

You must eliminate them as quickly as possible. You must work intelligently and forcefully to eliminate them and you will take on the role of the hero Batman, nicknamed "The Dark Knight"

All city residents rely on you to save them from danger. The game provides you with wonderful and different weapons in all their wonderful and distinctive forms

It is really one of the most wonderful and exciting games, and during the game you will get many prizes and a distinctive game that won awards from all companies A wonderful game full of marketing and enthusiasm worthy of experience, especially after the hack

To here we finish explaining the game, and we hope that we will succeed in explaining, do not forget to share the topic with your friends for the benefit of everyone

To download the game apk version 1.3.0 with a direct and 100% free link from Uptodown Media Fire - mega

from here

OBB file download link

from here

A very important note for the success of the installation process:

- After downloading, decompress the first section, and all sections will be automatically decompressed using the WinRAR application. You can download the decompression application for Android. Enter here

Inside the decompressed file, you'll find APK and OBB files

Install the APK in your phone

As for the OBB file, you will find its name com.XXX.XXX Move it to your device's memory in the following path: move it here / Android / Obb / phone memory

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