Download the best complete puzzle and mystery games for free for PC

Today we present to you in this post the best computer games for smart | Puzzle, intelligence and mystery games 2021 old, new and 100% free, lightweight and complete for free, with a free and direct download link from Mediafire | The most entertaining puzzle games for PC, laptop, and Mac, with a very small size for weak devices

The best gas games for the computer, the most intelligent and focused, we will show you the best and most intelligent puzzle games that only smart people can play. We have chosen the best games for you and we will explain to you what distinguishes each game and the idea of ​​playing with it

Apothecarium game

It is one of the best and strongest puzzle and mystery games for the computer and the most enthusiastic and exciting and you will love it from the first time you play it and addicted to it because of its beauty

It also increases your focus and intelligence, and makes you more accurate and focused

This game needs a lot of focus, accuracy, diligence and thinking well above all in order to be able to complete the tasks that are set for you and solve it correctly

This game makes you use a lot of your time and get rid of boredom, you have to be sober, attentive and smart during the game and prepare well

The idea of ​​playing is a long time ago. A dangerous epidemic spread that started in a small place, but it spread in many cities and places because it is an infectious disease and they did not care for it and they did not find a treatment or ways to stop its spread properly

So the disease has spread very much and no one has been able to stop its spread, so you must move and try to find a cure for this disease and stop it from spreading, otherwise humanity will become extinct from it

So you have to work with great effort and intelligence to find a cure for him, here begins your adventure and your wonderful mission in solving this mysterious mystery and starting challenges

Every place where you will be there is a task for you to pass, and do not forget that speed is very important for you to continue playing with skill, focus and intelligence to get rid of this dangerous disease that is ruthless and spreads widely.

You will be like investigators. You have to find solutions, solve puzzles and think well, you have to be serious and focused greatly to win and get rid of this epidemic quickly and save humanity and search for lost things that help you solve these puzzles that will save humanity

To download the game in one link, from here

Tearstone game

It is a very interesting and confusing game, and it is considered one of the most difficult puzzle and mystery games for the computer, and only smart people can solve it.

Its gas is very wonderful and fun at the same time, it needs a lot of focus and accuracy to be able to find the missing things and tools that benefit you and help you solve these mysterious riddles

Every stage you play you will find animated wallpapers with old artifacts, and here you have to find the pieces you need and you must focus to find out what you need from the pieces and to know the right place for all the pieces you collect

What is distinctive about it is that there are a large number of intelligence games and simple puzzles, as they are the best games and allow you to have different pictures and games that you have to solve and all the games that increase your concentration and intelligence and grow your mind, really a wonderful and exciting game very much and very interesting

What distinguishes the game Tearstone is that it is mysterious and different. There are many different things in this game, and what you have to do is collect them all and put them in the right place in order to be able to solve the puzzle and all the puzzle unites you have aids Hint can use when it is difficult for you to solve the puzzles you need a lot of focus and accuracy To win and solve puzzles

Download the game from here

The Wisbey Mystery game

This game is for fans of puzzles and intelligence games, and only a smart person can solve it. It is for old men and girls

You have to focus, be accurate and attentive to what is around you and think well to solve puzzles and difficulties correctly and focus well on the solution to win

To overcome the stages, you must rely on focus, accuracy and patience, never rush to skip all stages, it is a wonderful and smart computer game that you will definitely love

For fans of light intelligence games, this is a distinctive game from the best puzzle and intelligence games. Download gas games for adults for the computer. Puzzles and intelligence game

The Wisbey Mystery game that requires a lot of skill and intelligence to solve and depends mainly on focus and accuracy to solve puzzles and win the game and overcome all stages of varying difficulty

Great fun in playing and developing mental skills and experiences in large areas of playing with stones of different sizes which you have to apply in order to remove them and the stones of different colors collect three of them identical of the same color to hide and detonate

You will find many different interesting levels and different environments to play that add to the fun of the game

And its thrill lies in the way of playing the game of riddles and intelligence

Through this game, you will have a wonderful experience similar to many games that feature stones and gems, but they have different features that made them a great game with great suspense and entertainment where you will find gems of different sizes. You can choose them, but you have to choose them from one color to hide and move to new rows

To download the game from here

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