Download the best program to save WhatsApp video cases for iPhone

 In this post, we offer you to download Status Watch Save for Whatsapp for free, the best program to download WhatsApp cases for iPhone for free and save videos, stories and photos with ease with a direct download link from the Apple Store

Today we returned to you in a new application to download WhatsApp status videos and photos as it helps you find the video you want and download and save it on the iPhone and iPad and every mobile phone running the iOS operating system
It also has many videos of whatsapp statuses and you can download them using them in WhatsApp and put them on social networking sites
This program is considered one of the best applications to download WhatsApp statuses, sad videos, 
love and wonderful clips.
It also provides you with religious, sad, joy and comedy situations for all the videos that you want to download and suggests many videos to download in very great quality as it provides many great features in it.
It also allows you to browse in cases according to the genres you want, and you can also add videos to your favorites to download them later.

Status Watch Save for Whatsapp app features

What distinguishes this application is its wonderful features that we will explain to you, it enjoys very wonderful ease of downloading, and it can also be shared with all friends and put in the case directly without the need to store it in your phone
Also, the interface of this application is very easy, wonderful, and beautiful, which helps you to find what you want without any fatigue or effort
Also, the videos available in this application are all recent and the newest available cases you can find in this application
It is also a very elegant program and the quality is great, as it provides in this application a complete list of the most famous WhatsApp cases that are currently available that have won the admiration of all users
It also allows you to follow the users who publish cases in this application and to follow up on what they download the cases available in this application, including sad, religious and funny.
And Tik Tok cases, popular cases, sheilas, cases of love and love, songs and many more of your favorite cases. You will find them in the favorites box so that you can easily reach them and share them with your friends.
Also, this application is free and you can find it on the Apple Store, it is very small in size not exceeding 6.4 MB, it provides you with great features and displays you modern videos and the download is very fast and you will never get tired of using it smoothly and imaginative in everything related to it
After downloading this application on your device, I ask you to agree to enter and ask you to choose the language you want. A very wonderful and distinctive application that deserves to be tried.
To download it from here
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