Download the best remote phone monitoring software | Mobicip Android mobile control app

 On this page, we offer you to download the best remote phone monitoring software | It is a Mobicip app for Android with a direct and free download link and an explanation of how to use it, how to control the mobile, monitor the phone, monitor children's devices, and monitor the husband's phone through it.

Those who ask, "I want to monitor my husband's phone for free!" Do you want to monitor your husband's phone? Do you want to monitor your children's devices? Are you looking for a free program to monitor the phone without root and in easy and foolproof ways that cannot be discovered?

No, the Mobicip app is the right one and the one you are looking for, and I guarantee you that you will not give it up after trying it only once, because it is considered one of the most powerful and best applications and mobile monitoring software.

Mobicip app features

Mobicip is considered one of the best effective parental control applications because it provides features that help you install a safe internet for your family, and one Mobicip app

It also enables you to monitor your child to ensure what your children see on the Internet, to track their geographical location and know what they are browsing, remotely from a laptop computer

Not only that ! In fact, the application periodically takes pictures and screenshots of the child's device, helping you see what they are doing, from messages and texts in addition to the images that it reviews or shares with another person

It supports this application to monitor conversations and important words that are sent to or from your child, for example: (What is your phone number) (Do not tell anyone) It protects the child from bullying or electronic deception

The application also allows you to subscribe to the free trial version and then you can choose from several subscription plans, whether an annual subscription is $ 40 or a monthly subscription is $ 5

The app is available for Android users on the Google Play Store

To download the application for Android in apk format

from here

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