Download Blender for PC Full 3D Design & 3D Animation from Mediafire

 We offer you to download Blender for the computer completely for free, the best program for the manufacture of 3D animation, games and 3D cartoon graphics via the computer via Blender with an explanation of how to use the program + download link from a small size Media Fire running at 32 bit

Blender was a long time ago a free program for making 3D animation by computer or laptop, and also for making games was a very weak program with bad and weak graphics.

It also had very few capabilities and despite all its work is very slow and very bad, especially since it is free and has many great features.

But the work was very unsuccessful, and despite all these bad qualities, he continued to update and update, and the EPic Game Company donated more than a million dollars

With this update, you will notice that the difference in this program is very fictional and distinctive, after the updates it has become very beautiful and distinctive and has become the best programs for the computer as it has become a competing application

My world for all the paid programs with very wonderful and mythical features

It is also easy to use and is a completely free program that is not available in very high quality for render

It also has fantastic and fantastic features and very nice updates, and the famous company Ubisoft that works in the field of construction, programming of computer programs and the distribution of entertainment services for the digital business industry has decided

Whether it is 3D or movies and games, and all this is due to the development that has occurred in the program, new updates

You can see the works from the official website and download for free and completely. Blender has become a strong competitor to the international programs specialized in making 3D movies, and it is a powerful program and a competitor to paid programs.

Also, this program has become a fatal blow to all programs, as for years the explanation videos about it have become many and it contains many languages ​​and for this reason it has become one of the best animation programs we recommend you to try it and start using it now

To download the Blender program

from here

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