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 On this page, we offer you to download the game The Incredible Hulk | The Green Man for the computer is free with a direct download link from Mediafire complete with an explanation of the most important features of these wonderful games and an explanation of all versions of the game "2015 - 2018 - 2008 - 2019 - 2020 - 2003 - 2021"

What is the game The Incredible Hulk

The well-known Green Man game is one of the best computer games that has won the love of millions all over the world

The game is also available on Playstation PSP, Android devices, iPhone and iPad, and was developed by the giant company in the field of game publishing, Radhika Entertainment, which published it.

Also, the giant company Vivendi Games, a distinctive and exciting game, won many prizes and won the admiration of all users of different ages, young and old

It is a game full of suspense, excitement, action and excitement

This game needs a lot of strength and intelligence and is full of fun and excitement as you start to run away from the police who start chasing you

The volume of suspense and adventures in this game is very high and it has great graphics and has many beautiful features such as the sound and visual effects are very impressive.

It is a game that simulates a movie. What is your role in this game? You take the role of the green man. The idea of ​​the game is a young man who lives a normal life like the rest of humanity

One day, he introduces unknown chemicals into his body and causes the green-colored youth to cause these substances

Not only that, but the body swelled abnormally and caused it to doubled in s

trength and became very powerful. He did everything to find a treatment for it and it did not work

.And his change has caused people a lot of fear and panic as they do not know him his friends because of his enormity and strength, and he tried to find a cure and failed to find it.

But the most difficult matter is that the police will not leave him in a state, they will start chasing him all the time throughout the city to eliminate him. You will enter many battles, adventures and excitement.

Download now the game and enjoy your time The game contains a lot of amazing features

The most beautiful thing about it is the ease of playing that does not need any fatigue at all or fatigue, a very simple way, and therefore the user control system contains a lot of options to save effort

The most beautiful thing in this game is very high quality, to get a great experience, beautiful graphics, and wonderful audio and visual effects

As for the sounds of this game, very wonderful and close to reality, the images of destruction in it are very, very fabulous. The green man’s adventure begins with escaping from the police who are chasing, and sometimes he has to confront them.

To download Hulk psp

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