Download the Horror House game for PC for free

 In this post, we offer you to download the horror house game for the computer for free, the best old horror games for the computer, in a very small size. And 3 and 4 play it without the net whenever you want from a site

Computer horror games have spread widely and abounded in recent years, especially with the beginning of 2020, and it is expected that their numbers will double by the beginning of 2021, according to experts.

In this context, we have brought you to download the best horror game and the most powerful scary games for the computer, which is the "Horror House" game for free

Features of the horror house game

It is an old horror game for the computer that was developed and designed in 2008 by experts who created the game to combine the horror games of plants, zombies and the horror hospital game in one game, and this is what made it widely spread in many countries of the world

This game is strong, wonderful and terrifying as well, and its story is old and happened from a long time on a dark night, as something strange happened that night

Evil forces have fallen and a very dangerous curse has fallen into your home and this curse is trying to enter the house to complete the evil planned mission.

The curse is to destroy the world and spread evil, fear and terror everywhere

As a mission is to eliminate this evil completely and get rid of this evil mess. There are 10 tasks or achievements that you perform that increase your excitement and excitement.

The graphics, charts, and very fairy sound effects are really a game at the height of excitement and suspense, and the requirements for running the game are commensurate with weak devices because its small size works with a laptop whose RAM is only 1 GB

Link to download the game from Mediafire from here

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