Download Mi Control Center app | You will turn your Android phone into an iPhone with just a click

 In this post, we offer you to download the Mi Control Center app for Android for free | The application that will enable you to convert the look of an Android phone to an iPhone with one click, easily and 100% free

There are many who own a mobile with an Android operating system and want to convert the mobile phone to a different form completely similar to an iOS phone such as an iPhone or iPad, and you can actually do that through this application

Mi Control Center app features

It is a very distinctive and fabulous application that you can place and install the Control Center shape found in Xiaomi phones, Samsung and all phones running the Android operating system, and it is one of the best Android applications
It will also save you as it is available very similar to the form that is found in the special tools that are available on the iPhone devices and also in the new Shomi interfaces.
Then you choose the Control Center, then the new shape will appear for you, then you click on the clouds from the far right, so that the control will appear for you very beautifully and fabulously.
To download the Mi Control Center app
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