Download the most beautiful free girls games for the computer, compressed without registration

Today, in this post, we will present to you the 3 best girls games for the computer 2021, compressed and free, with direct and free download from Mediafire | The most beautiful games for girls and boys (makeup - dress-up - cooking - travel) games that work without registration, without the net, and with a small size
We will offer you the best games for girls for the computer for free, compressed and free games with direct download links
We all know that the love of games for girls is very different from males and youth, as males love action and war games and strong and enthusiastic games.
This is very different from what girls and women like in general. We all know that girls love fashion, makeup, clothing, cooking and things that take care of themselves.
We will present to you the best and most beautiful girls ’games, and we will explain to you about each game and what distinguishes it and makes it the best. We will also explain to you a simple explanation of how to play with it. We will put for you the best games that won the admiration of everyone who used them

Travel to France game

This game is one of the best girls' games for the computer for free, and it is loved by all the beautiful girls who have played it, as the game allows you to travel to many beautiful and amazing cities, more than 10 cities within France
You will also find hidden objects and objects and put in more than 4 different modes and allow you to solve wonderful puzzles, beautiful and interesting graphics and challenges.
You can also travel with your parents and enjoy traveling with them, discovering the beauty and magnificence of cities, as well as eating their food and drink.
The most beautiful thing in it is its accuracy and terrible graphics, as if it were true and the beauty of its fictional cities. Enjoy in its experience and beauty.
The game also gives you fictional and archaeological cities to visit and wander through. It is a fictional and fun game and what makes it the most beautiful graphics and the quality is very wonderful
It is a game that makes you a fan of exploration and lovers of travel and wandering, travel to the most beautiful, charming and fun cities, and you can play with them without registration and work on weak devices
To download the game for the computer from here

Dress Cake game

It is one of the best free games for girls for the computer, and we will present it to you as a "compressed" to facilitate the process of downloading the game from Media Fire
It is known that plants have a love for fashion, accessories, make-up, dress-up, make-up, take care of themselves inside and cook
These things are loved by girls from childhood, as girls from their childhood love these things and are interested in them
This game gives you many amazing and wonderful outfits to choose what suits you to be with the latest and most beautiful look
It also provides you with many amazing accessories such as hoops, earrings, rings, beautiful and long nails, and many of these amazing things in various shapes and many for you to choose what you like and what suits the outfits you choose.
In addition to all that we have mentioned to you, there is a variety of makeup for you to choose the appropriate personality and many types and beautiful, interesting and exciting tools
It is also the character for which you will choose the outfits, wear and take care of it. She is a very beautiful character and her personality can be made to suit what you want from costumes, accessories, makeup and many amazing things
This game for girls is suitable for all ages for girls, young and old, try it and you will enjoy it a lot
To download the game from here

Rorys Restaurant Winter Rush game

This game for girls who love to cook, and this is one of the most beautiful kitchen games.
It also provides you with this game many puzzles that you have to solve intelligently and precisely to solve it. You have to install a set of pieces for drawings for a group of meals and your task is to assemble and install them is through working with skill and intelligence to win and succeed in your mission This game is cooking its strategy is very wonderful and differs from other cooking games
You have to play intelligently and precisely, as there are many levels and every level you win increases the enthusiasm for the one after him full of fun and excitement
It has more than 50 unique, amazing, and supernatural levels
And every level that you win, the level will be far more interesting, enthusiastic and wonderful, and the most beautiful thing in it is its great graphics and the smoothness of the game in it is very beautiful and comfortable and the size of the game is very small
To download the game from here
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