Download Typorama for iPhone | The best program for designing photos and videos for WhatsApp statuses

 We offer you to download Typorama for iPhone for free | The best program for editing photos, designing videos professionally, and making WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram very beautiful cases, free download programs from the Apple Store, with an explanation of how to use the program

It is known that social media programs such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram support the technology of temporary daily cases, which expire 24 hours after they are placed in the story.
For this reason, the Typorama application is one of the best design and video-making programs through videos or images and merging them with putting music inside them and integrating effects and additions to the video to be ready and exported to the phone to be placed in the story
The way to use this application is very cool and it is in three simple steps to create a case
At the beginning, we choose the image that we want to put in the stories or cases, and then we click on the option, put the text we want and choose the appropriate lines in order to make the best image and bite it on the cases
It also has many wonderful and distinctive effects
When the design is finished, you can love it with high quality and publish it on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and many other sites. Really, an application worth trying is a miniature montage program and the best thing about it is that it is without a watermark
Download Typorama ios for iPhone and iPad
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