Download The Wisbey Mystery game for PC Free | The mysterious mystery of exclusively smart adults

 On this page we offer you to download The Wisbey Mystery game for PC for free, with a free and direct download link from Mediafire | The best mystery games and gas can only be solved by smart people in the abandoned city and village

What is The Wisbey Mystery

This game is for fans of puzzles and intelligence games, and only a smart person can solve it, and it is for old men and girls

You have to focus, be accurate and attentive to what is around you and think well to solve puzzles and difficulties correctly and focus well on the solution to win

To overcome the stages, you must rely on focus, accuracy and patience, never rush to skip all stages, it is a wonderful and smart computer game that you will definitely love

For fans of light intelligence games, this is a distinctive game that is one of the best puzzle games and intelligence. Download gas games for adults for the computer. Puzzles and intelligence game

The Wisbey Mystery game that requires a lot of skill and intelligence to solve and depends mainly on focus and accuracy to solve puzzles and win the game and overcome all stages of varying difficulty

Great fun in playing and developing mental skills and experiences in large areas of playing with stones of different sizes which you have to apply in order to remove them and the stones of different colors collect three of them identical of the same color to hide and detonate

You will find many different interesting levels and different environments to play that add to the fun of the game

And its thrill lies in the way of playing the game of riddles and intelligence

Through this game, you will have a wonderful experience similar to many games that feature stones and gems, but they have different features that made them a great game with great suspense and entertainment where you will find gems of different sizes. You can choose them, but you have to choose them from one color to hide and move to new rows

Download The Wisbey Mystery game here

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