Dragon fruit ((Dragon)) wonderful benefits - how to eat it - its presence in Turkey, Algeria and Morocco

 In this article we offer you a detailed explanation of the dragon fruit ((Dragon)) spread in Turkey, Vietnam, Algeria, Morocco and Egypt and what are the benefits of this wonderful fruit for the human body and an explanation of how this fruit is eaten

Dragon fruit lives in the tropics Hylocereys and has become widespread around the world in many countries with high humidity and the appropriate atmosphere for this delicious and exotic fruit that is .widely spread in Turkey, Vietnam and other countries

It is distinguished by its wonderful shape, its charming pink color, its shape resembling bulbs, and its seeds have a magical flavor, including red and white colors.

It is also a juicy fruit and its sweetness is very wonderful and light. Many describe its taste between pear fruit and kiwi fruit

It resembles the flavor, its shape is very wonderful, its appearance is attractive, we will present to you in this post the benefits of dragon fruit (Dragon)

The benefits of this fruit are very numerous, I mention some of them. Dragon fruit contains a lot of antioxidants

The molecules that are unstable called free radicals are very beneficial for pregnant women, they help protect the body's cells

Moisturizes several chronic and heinous diseases that cause aging. The most beautiful benefits are found inside the red dragon fruit. The red color is present inside the fruit

It has a great role in protecting lipoprotein and is considered a very strong and effective anti-cancer, according to English studies

It is also a very effective and powerful antidote that oxidizes the brain, as it very reduces the risk of heart disease, and is very rich in vitamin C.

It also contains 2000 calories and is very helpful for magnesium. This is one of the minerals that contribute to hundreds or many biological and chemical reactions that are important to the body.

It is also beneficial for the stomach and a strong anti-colon disease, and it is recommended to eat one pill every day

It also contains hundreds of biochemical reactions and it is a very rich fruit in fiber and minerals

It is also a very controlling fruit for diabetes, as the dragon fruit helps in the digestive process and this is what makes it a very strong anti-heart disease, diabetes, colon, inflammation and many diseases.

Dragon fruit also contributes very much to lowering blood sugar levels and is a powerful anti-cancer agent

It also prevents anemia and is very suitable for pregnant women, rich in vitamin

Dragon fruit helps prevent cancer from spreading

It is also an antioxidant, since it is called apoptosis, and it is very useful for solving all hair problems such as hair loss and thinning hair.

And how to eat it and cut it in detail we explain it to you in this video, and below the video we will put a link to you of a YouTube channel specializing in cooking, fruits and sweets, and teach all the basics of cooking, we invite you to subscribe

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