Free Download Ldentity V game for iPhone | The best online horror game for adults and girls +18

 On this page, we offer you to download the most powerful online horror games for the iPhone for adults and for girls, which is the Identity V game, the abandoned house game and adventures to play terrifying and frightening with friends | A group and two-way game to play with friends on the iPhone and iPad mobile for free, we offer you a direct download link from the Apple Store

Do you have a phone running iOS operating system such as iPhone or iPad and want to have a scary and terrifying horror game for mobile and play it online with friends?

So, we recommend you to try the famous and distinctive game Identity V, which is considered one of the best horror games for iPhone and smartphones at all.

Identity V game features

This game is considered one of the strongest collective horror games for girls and adults. It is one of the most popular online horror games and has won the admiration of all its users.

And you must remain strong and steadfast to protect yourself and those with you, because there will be other people with you that you must protect

There is a lost girl that you have to find and protect yourself from injustice, and from here the adventure begins, challenges and many experiences

In this game, you have to find the girl and not harm her, and you can choose what you are in the game, either the prey or the hunter

It is thus a popular online horror game for those wishing to play with friends

To download the game from here

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