How much does YouTube pay for 1 million views

 We offer you in a question and answer paragraph in this article a detailed explanation of the topic of profit from YouTube How much does YouTube pay for 1 million views, how much does the owner of the channel earn, and how much profit is made for 1000 views, according to estimates of the percentage and amount of profit for the year 2021, what is the return of profit from views, how many views are achieved, and how many views are needed to achieve a profit of $ 100, especially in Saudi Arabia and Egypt through this explanation in detail in Youtube profits

Everyone wonders about the amount of profit from YouTube before thinking about how to enter this field and work with the YouTube platform to make money
This is what we will answer in detail, in a logical and scientific manner, without comparisons, and we do not take into account the profits of any YouTube channel, and you will hear about things that you did not hear before!
YouTube is one of Google's services and a video platform that enables users to profit from it by participating in monetizing the videos they upload, which must be exclusive content so that the channel owner can profit from those videos, and in this case his name becomes "publisher"
The publisher differs his earnings from views according to many criteria and for many reasons, and we will summarize them for you as follows:

Viewer Resources

The visitor whose source is the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain, profits differ from them compared with the sources of views from Egypt, Iraq, Algeria, Lebanon, Palestine, Sudan, Morocco and other countries
And each country has a price different from the other country, whether in terms of profit from the appearance and vision of ads or the price of clicking
Not only that! Even if the views are from the same source, the price varies from person to person
This is because Google AdSense ads are the main source of Google adwords, which is considered the authorized party to display ads through its reliance on cookies that will know the viewer's interests and display ads that suit what they are interested in.
If we must know that the person who watches a video and shows him an advertisement for cars, medical tools or real estate, the prices of these ads are very expensive.
As for the person who is young or only interested in games, ads for games and downloading applications will appear, and these ads are cheap
For this reason, profits differ from one viewer to another

Channel category

Also, profits vary according to the channel category, as we explained to you that cookies play a big role in changing profits by knowing the interests of viewers in order to display ads that are most likely to interest you. Interested in the channel category
For example, if there is a cooking channel, pastry-making education, and anything related to the kitchen, then it is natural for the views of those videos to come from people interested in this category and thus will show them advertisements related to cooking
The same applies to all types of channels, so the channel category plays a big role in the percentage of profit from views
Which Arab countries are the most profitable, according to the source?
The Arab Gulf states represented by "Saudi Arabia - Emirates - Kuwait - Sultanate of Oman - Qatar - Bahrain" with the exception of Yemen, which is considered one of the cheap countries in terms of profit from videos
And the countries with the cheapest profits are "England, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Australia, Poland, Belgium, Croatia, Ireland, Japan, China, India, Indonesia, Russia, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Argentina, Turkey, Brazil, Canada, America, Finland and all countries of the world"
As for the rest of the Arab countries, and even those with little profit, the profit yield may rise or fall depending on the viewer's interest
How much money youtuber makes from YouTube for a million views?
Based on everything we mentioned to you above, we summarize this answer for you accordingly:
If you have 1 million views, you can earn $ 1000 from it
The profit may be $ 500, and the profit may be only $ 100, and if the sources of these views are for precious countries like the one we explained to you above only, the profit from 1 million views reaches more than 10 thousand dollars
This theory applies to those asking for 1 million views, 1,000 views, 
and so on
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